Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ghoul's Gold

Way back in Feb 2009 I posted a creepy Ace tale illustrated by Dick Ayers called "Ghoul's Gold", now today we have one for you with the same title from the May 1952 issue of Astonishing #13 featuring art by the great Bernie Krigstein. (Special thanks to Paul Tumey for sharing his scans!)


Tim Whitcher said...

Oddly written story, to say the least! Morgue? Funeral home might me more appropriate. "Small bricks" rather than the term "ingots." The cop trespassing, then breaking and entering? lol

Great atypical cover that has very little to do with the story inside. Classic!

Paul C.Tumey said...

Great to see this story posted! I am fascinated by how Krigstein played with different rendering styles in his
Atlas work. The scritchy-scratchy style in this story reminds of of Joe Maneely.

Runs.with.Ferals said...

I could tell it was Krigstein even from Blogger's tiny little thumbnail; such a unique style !

Faff said...

It's the subtlety of the colouring that stands out for me. Fantastic.

sfdoomed said...

Thanks Tumey and Karswell for the killer Krigstein story!

I was also wondering why they called the joint a morgue, but I looked it up and it can also be used to describe a funeral home or mortuary.

I thought I saw the ending a mile away while reading this (he gets the gold from the bodies of course, and he's going to die in a fire), but I definitely did predict the reason WHY he ended up in the inferno!

Brian Barnes said...

Krigstein is just one of those old guard guys who sense of drama and camera positioning (with was also his sometimes foil Kurtzman's greatest strength) is just stunning.

Plot's a bit goofy, but it's just beautiful.

Mr. Karswell said...

Marvel needs to get back to collecting their Atlas horror comics in hardback editions, pronto!

Thanks for the comments, and thanks again to Paul Tumey for the scans!