Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master of the Undead

Time to walk with the zombies, from the Sept. '53 issue of Baffling Mysteries #17. GCD thinks this might be Joe Orlando.


Anonymous said...

(Guess somebody's got to start this; so here goes!)

1. The main character could have saved himself (and everybody else involved; *including the vilian*) a lot of trouble if he had only been able to contact the guy who wrote the book "The Serpent And the Rainbow"!

2. So *hypnosis* turns you into a zombie? That means that stage hypnotists and those people who promise to rid you of bad habits like overeating, smoking, and the like are part of some evil world-wide plot?

3. The vilian was really a piece of work, right?

4. Why (besides what "www.tvtropes.com" calls "Failed To Do The Homework" would French- (OK Creole-) speaking zombies from Haiti have Spanish names; (OK, I heard once that at one time Dominicans used to come over the border as migrant laborers. I believe that, at one tome, "Papa Doc" (or maybe an earlier Hatian dictator had a large number of them killed for some reason!)


Unknown said...

He followed his Wiener Compass on the path of destruction. Typical man! ;-)
I enjoyed this one. That villain was a piece of work indeed!

SpaceLord said...

Joe Orlando? Interesting!
Might be or might not be. So little (or more precisely: next to nothing) is known about the ACE artists.
Meaning the house of ACE, the publishing company: BAFFLING / BEYOND / HAND OF FATE / WEB OF MYSTERY.
A crying shame.
Or can you help, Karswell?

Eric Stott said...

What a set of warheads on page 2!

claire scott said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, claire! (And I do believe that I speak for all of us!)


Mr. Karswell said...

Does anyone know if this is Joe Orlando or not? Damn ACE, I wish they had credited their artists better... Lou Cameron signed his name on pretty much everything he did for them that I've seen, and some of the early Gene Colan stuff for this publisher isn't signed, but is totally unmistakeable. The rest of their artists are seriously top notch too.

We'll be seeing a few more from this issue later this month, but first I think we'll stick with the zombie theme with one from the Web of Mystery-- up next! Thanks for the comments.

James Robert Smith said...

That looks more like Bernie Krigstein's work to me. Some of the panels make it seem almost obvious that it's Krigstein and not Orlando.

Mr. Karswell said...

You may be right, Hemlock. I do see what you mean in a few places, but I am unfortunately no Krigstein or Orlando expert... what's everyone think?