Monday, May 23, 2011

The Boy Who Cried Wolf!

Time for eight action packed pages of ghostly, Edvard Moritz fun, from the April - May '50 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #10. With its hilarious wise-crackin' dialog, tell me this wouldn't have made a great Bowery Boys film!

And be sure to check out Spacelord's new German website "Fifties Horror", all about our favorite subject around here-- pre-code comics! This one definitely gets the Karswell Scream of Approval!


Anonymous said...

1. Aren't these guys of at *least marginal age to be interested in girls*? (Or was the artist known for drawing young)?

2. What kind of a SOB (pardon my French!) was this Pendle guy back when he bad a pulse; *that he wants to wipe out his whole hometown because they laughed at him*? NOTE to Satan; (with all due respect (or more!); Your Infernal/Satanic Majesty; you *really need to increase your security; the damned are getting out at will, almost! Hell shouldn't be "Stalag 13" from "Hogan's Heros*"!)


Anonymous said...

5 cents for an ice cream cone?(last panel on the wall). boy those sure were the good ol' days.

SpaceLord said...

WoweeZowee and thanks a lot, Karswell, for announcing my website FIFTIES HORRORS.
Visitors can get a translation (via Google), which is crude and rude, but generally understandable.
Hafta point out the finest translation error, though (within the essay about “EC comics”):
“The popular author Frederic Wertham (actually Friedrich Wertheim, a psychiatrist who emigrated from Munich) claims a connection between drinking and crime comics.”

What?! A connection between drinking and crime comics?
We know many artists took to the bottle, but I never said that.

Original german text: “Zusammenhang von Comic-Konsum und Verbrechen” – meaning „connection between consumption of comics and crime“.
Not consumption (of alcohol) and crime comics.

We germans know our Wertham! And our drinking…

Gumba said...

I really like that splash; we've seen a million of them but this one stands out for me -- it has a great depth of field in it.

Except for the high-crotch pants on the boy, that's a little disturbing and made me glad I wasn't around in the 50s!

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the comments, I've got another fun ghost story from this same issue coming up here shortly... it's been a busy week, transitioning to a new job and all has given me very little blog time.