Thursday, March 24, 2011

She Wouldn't Stay Dead!

If our last post left a grisly bad taste in your mouth, here's a somewhat lighter, even humorous Bill LaCava horror classic, originally presented in the January 1952 issue of Mystic #6. (And for those of you that will never get to sleep tonight unless you hear the song, click HERE for "The Last Rose of Summer.")


Todd said...

I'd feel sorry for the guy, but there's just no time in my schedule this weekend. Or next weekend either.

SpaceLord said...

Outlandishly constructed and pure comedy, not a horror tale at all (though the splash indicates otherwise) - loved it!
The office guy being able to conduct half-day long reincarnation rites!
Reincarnation actually taking place into an innate object! The resulting sappy living community with the figurine doll! The head-over-heels-love affair leading to instant marriage! The heartless smashing of the doll against the living room wall! The dopey super confessing the destruction of the REAL doll! The soul transfer of something long dead into someone perfectly alive!
How is this even possible???
The madness of this story seems to be unfathoma... unfeath... really dense.

Anonymous said...

And, *if he had ben able to pull off the reincarnation; without running into "Wife 1 1/2" (?)*; suppose the neighbors, super, delivery people,ect. happened to see him talking to his (real) "little doll'? They might figure he had a few screws loose; (was fetishism considered a "mental illness" back then?

Unknown said...

Ha! He deserves it! Poor Jolie. But one wonders why Jolie was nice and pleasant while both of the living women were shrews.