Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Mummy Lives!

Here’s a cool mummy story with a couple wacky twists, as well as some fabulous art from the ever reliable Tony DiPreta. I’ll quit yappin’ so you can get readin’ now…

From the February 1954 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #24


Anonymous said...

wow!!!! I had this story in an old issue of crypt of shaows or vault of evil..... one of those marvel reprints from the 70s

cool to know where it orignaly came from

Mr. Karswell said...

This brings up a good point, especially for those who really can't afford to collect Atlas golden age. There are many Marvel horror reprint comics from the 70's that collect these great pre-code stories at a much more affordable price, (though these comics are now over 30 years old too and starting to get quite pricey.) If you can't get the original then how about the next best thing? Some good titles to look for include:

Chamber of Chills
Chamber of Darkness
Crypt of Shadows
Dead of Night
Journey Into Mystery
Tomb of Darkness
Tower of Shadows
Uncanny Tales From Beyond the Grave
Vault of Evil

Anonymous said...

i got lots of those but most of them the covers are missing...... would love to find the one i had where the guy gets executed over and over in the electric chair

Mr. Karswell said...

"I Die Too Often!" ...great story. It was orignally presented in Adventures into Terror #17 (1953), and reprinted 20 years later in Crypt of Shadows #5 (1973.)

If you're putting in a request I'll add this to a future post for you for sure.

Anonymous said...

kick ass thanks!!!!!!!!! i remember this issue had a story about a dude getting attacked underwater by lobsters too

Mr. Karswell said...

That's a nice Jim Mooney story called Red As A Lobster... you can use the Comic Book Database site linked at the top right of my blog to find out what issues contained what stories. I actually just realised it's got way more detailed artist info than the last time I checked.

Brian Barnes said...

"Like a lighted fuse to hades!"

I must slip that into conversation! I was wondering about the mummy having a bust for the entire story. Was that ever going to pan out? Yes, yes it does! There's some weird rendering here or there, but I really like the art, in it's scratchy and shadow-y glory.