Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nightmare Statue

Our second “fine art” entry today is a romantic, yet rocky Pygmalion tale of a sculptor who finds the woman of his dreams, and she just so happens to be made of stone! What a nightmare! Also stars Boris Karloff.
From the February-March 1953 issue of Frankenstein Comics #23


Dave B. said...

Nice yarn, but that corridor looks a lot like a tunnel to me. Reminds me of the Night Gallery episode.

Karswell said...

Looks like your comment wound up on the wrong nightmare post today.

Anonymous said...


Yo said...

I'm loving the Frankenstein books Karswell! Thank-you so much for the posts!!
I hope you had a chance to check out GA-UK where there's a Very Nice collection of Franky and other public domain books going up.

Some of the gang on Usenet are starting up a Frankenstein Project trying to collect scans of the complete run (and cover to cover when possible) of the Franky Comics and Prize Comics. They'd Love to see the remaining pages ads an all of your #1 and 2 if possible.
Thanks again - love the site!


Horror pariah said...

What a great,mean-spirited story!Rosser certainly wouldn't have been able to make those advances today!this also is the 2nd time Boris showed up here,he apppeared as "Boris Karload"in the 40s,its also a nice role reversal seeing HIM get strangled by artificial life,though everyone knows the best way to jilt him is to screech at him,just make sure theres no self-destruct lever around.

Karswell said...

Return of the Horror Pariah!

>Thank-you so much for the posts!!

My pleasure Yocitrus, and Ed "Grave" Robinson's too... he's been the one supplying us with most of the Prize Frankenstein stories (he's also the co-author of the Monster of Frankenstein book!)