Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Release from Satan's Scourge

It's the last THOIA post of the year as we release you now from the demonic clutches of our Devilcember Fest with a great tale from the April 1952 issue of The Beyond #10. This is one of my favorite ACE stories, it's absolutely full of wild moments and overloaded with weird monsters and evil fun--- a perfect way to end 2009, which if I can be honest, was full of many not so great moments (at least for me.) We still have lots more to come here at THOIA in 2010 so stay close, you definitely don't want to miss anything!


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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Outcast

Here's a sampling of stuff from the last two issues of Standard Comics short lived Adventures into Darkness series. Lasting only 10 issues total, AiD delivered some real high points in pre-code horror comics history, including quality stories from the likes of Toth, Katz, Moriera, Sekowsky and more... now, whether you think today's post from the June 1954 issue of Advs into Darkness #14 qualifies as a "high point" is completely up to you.


From the March '54 issue of Advs into Darkness #13

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Village of the Vile

The June 1974 issue of The Witching Hour #43 clearly states on the cover "Village of Evil", but instead inside the lead-off story is "Village of the Vile", one of the many cool horror tales written by George Kashdan for DC Comics (and to make things even more memorable the art is provided by the great Alfred P. Alcala!) We're winding down Devilcember, and this is it for our "Flash Forward" detour into the Satanic Silver Age, as well as our shiver inducing glimpse into The Witching Hour series, hope everyone enjoyed it!

Eegads--- more cat cruelty?!! Maybe it really is time to end this Witching Hour fest! It is interesting though to note how popular Satanism was in mainstream comics during this era. Hell, even Superman and Lois Lane turned up the heat in a few issues!


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Never Kill Santa Claus / Trick or Treat

What would the horrordays be without a visit from jolly 'ol St. Nick, eh? And don't worry, I haven't forgotten about jolly 'ol Satanis either... but first up, "Never Kill Santa Claus" from the February 1973 issue of The Witching Hour #28, followed by a xmas themed ouija board text tale and (not forgetting an entry for our Devilcember theme) a two-page Kaluta Halloween classic (can't let xmas have all the fun now, can we?) called "Trick or Treat", both from the Feb-March 1970 issue of Witching Hour #7.



We at THOIA wish you a most pleasant rest on your deserved holiday this week, and here's hoping that everyone gets everything they wanted and all that they worked hard for this year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When Satan Comes A-Creeping!

If you were uncomfortable with the brutal amount of violence towards cats in our last post, you may want to altogether skip today's tale from the Dec '71 /Jan '72 issue of The Witching Hour #18. And in case you missed the news, (along with the continuation of our Hail Satan Month) all this week THOIA is also "Flash Forwarding" into the horrific Silver Age with tales from DC's excellent Witching Hour series. There's lots more on the way too, plus a few other surprises!

Oooo, feel that? Something suddenly brushing against your leg, and was that a little sandpaper tongue licking at the back of your hand? Or maybe it was the flames of Eternal Hellfire licking at your very soul? Nah, it's little Kitty LeClaw, and now that she's got your attention why not head over to Killer Kittens from Beyond the Grave where she has another bewitching twist on the tale you just read here today at THOIA! Hurry now, and don't be late for your hot date with the---


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