Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I Went to My Own Funeral

Let's do one more Charlton classic before we switch it back up with the various publisher mix. And okay, I'm not sure I saved the best story for last, but it's definitely a weird winner, and contains an interesting plot device that I do believe is new to this blog-- a sex change! Yep, edgy stuff for the 50's, and you're seriously going to love that second panel at the top of page three. From the January - February 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #16, art by Dick Giordano again.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

You Know Too Much!

Another attack on the American family tale, courtesy of the July 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #19 (see previous post too.) And yes, at some point along the way here you'll probably see where it's all going, but that's not enough for this story, giving you one final chilling thing to think about as you lay there dying and completely helpless to do anything about it. And that my friends, is REAL HORROR.

Classic cover by Steve Ditko 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

All Burnt Up!

As the winter temps here in the midwest begin to plummet once more, it's time again to turn up the heat with another all-time favorite Charlton tale of justice served extra hot-- a sizzlin' little number from the July 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #19.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dead Right!

We'll stick with the strange and suspenseful stories for a few more posts, and here's one by good 'ol Steve Ditko from the May 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #18. I've had a few requests for more precode Ditko, so here ya's go with one of his most eerie entries ever-- a sort of encore presentation of it in case you didn't see our reprint in Haunted Horror #29.

When you're addicted to horror comics...

Sunday, January 12, 2020

"Killer's Arms"

This nicely illustrated tale of jungle brutality from the November 1954 issue of Strange Suspense Stories #22 just might contain the single most screwball scientific experiment concept ever posted here. It's too hilarious and way too fun to deny-- Hell, even Ed Wood would be jealous of this plot! And you thought last week's "brain atoms" was over the top...

Friday, January 10, 2020

Sinister Snake Cult of Brother Rath!

We've seen an unholy plethora of horrors here at THOIA over the years: monsters roaming the night in search of gory feasts, epic terror from beyond the stars, pissed off xmas trees, etc. But one thing possibly more terrifying than all others, is the all too human religious fanatic performing bat$hit evil in the name of "God." As is the case of todays atmospheric action adventure featuring the crime fightin' wits of "The Echo", ie: a mild-mannered ventriloquist with the occasionally convincing ability to throw his voice around and, okay whatever, plus his siblings (uh, Dr. Doom?!!) vs. a viciously violent, snake handlin' psychopath cult! The story clips along nicely, with the real highlight being the frantically fun, oddly eerie artwork (and lettering) by Paul Gattuso which adds a whole other level of unique crazy to the peculiar proceedings. Originally featured in the Oct '45 issue of Dynamic Comics #16, this one also slithered its way into Mike Howlett's super chilling SNAKE TALES hardcover collection. CLICK HERE for more info!

Wanna check out something a little more sleuthy silly, and on the grave robbin' side of this same Dynamic Comics issue-- just CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

It Roams These Hills!

Welp, I feel like THOIA doesn't have enough W's, so here we go with a wonderfully weird, whacked-out, and wildly wooly, Wally Wood story for Werewolf Wednesday this week! Wow! From Avon's Attack on Planet Mars won-shot (1951.)

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Ripper's Return

One more from the Sept '52 issue of Tales of Horror #2 (see previous post for another), and it's a short, but oddly entertaining mix of Jack the Ripper and muddled, mad science. And despite the usual kooky perspective issues, the Hollingsworth art is actually pretty solid here for once too.

"All hear my warning, never turn your back on--

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Love from a Plant

THOIA follower, Otto, emailed me looking for some answers to a comic cover he remembered seeing at a grocery store over half a century ago, and I believe this Ross Andru / Mike Esposito pair-up from Mystery Tales #16 (1964) fits the bill. Now if you clicked the GCD link in the previous sentence, you undoubtably noticed that the story itself actually originated in the Sept '52 issue of Tales of Horror #2, that's because Mystery Tales #16 is simply a complete reprint of that entire issue, just with brand spankin' new cover art. This story also found its way into Haunted Horror #4 in 2013.