Sunday, January 20, 2019

Curse of the Jabberwock

Today we have a rollickin', highly atmospheric, old dark house creature feature, with super art by an unknown artist (any guesses?) --from the March 1952 issue of Crime Mysteries #12. I do wish Ribage had allowed said artist at least one more page to help flesh out a few more of the climactic visual details, (so that the out-of-left-field narrative didn't have to do all the talkin'), but still-- fun fun fun-- and that's a great lookin' monster to boot! And before Brian says anything about the girl in the last panel at the bottom of page 3, I have 3 words: Bathed. In. Moonlight.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The End of His Service!

Let's try a little change of pace around here for a bit with a timeless futuristic robo tale of man and machine, or man vs. machine... uh, are there actually any stories like this that have a happy ending? From the November 1951 issue of Strange Worlds #5, art credits at GCD list 3 different illustrators on this one: Norman Nodel, John Rosenberger (page 3), and Werner Roth (page 4.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Yawning Graves! / Flowering Death!

Yawns 'n flowers don't sound too scary, do they? Well, let's just see how Kenneth Landau and Ed Good deliver on these everyday things from the 1954 issue of The Clutching Hand #1 one-shot from ACG. Spooky cover by Ken Bald too!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dungeon Dweller of Horror House

Did you really think we were done with the Werewolf Hunter?! Oh, Hell no... in fact, this post may at first look like a single Prof story presentation, but it's actually TWO stories-- you just have to read the other one over at AEET when you're finished here! It's a wonderfully wild, WTF explosion of werewolf / vampire insanity, a fantastically flipped-out freakshow, --and Saul Rosen's art is as gorgeously intense as Lily's. From the August 1943 issue of Rangers Comics #12.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Devil's Bride / The Vampire Moth

Finishing out our Werewolf Hunter Fest with my two favorite Prof tales-- I mean, you all know that I love devil tales of course (still available HERE!), but I also have an incredible attraction to sexy moth girl stories, (they're like a flame, I tell ya!) --so how can you go wrong with today's diabolical double feature?! First tale is from the August 1944 issue of Rangers Comics #18, and the second is from the August 1945 issue of Rangers Comics #24, amazing art on both by the forever and ever fabulous Lily Renee!

And for even more moth girl monster horror, check out the classic film, Blood Beast Terror (1968) --just click it!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Werewolf Hunter / The She-Wolf

You asked for it-- more golden age Werewolf Hunter, aka Professor Broussard adventures-- and like our last post it's also a creepy Creature Double Freak Feature! This time Broussard's on the trail of two very different types of lycanthropes, though they both share something very much in common. Also notice how the Prof's age seems to change from one story to the next, as well. I love that we're actually getting a nice retrospective of his occult work throughout the various stages of his life in this Rangers Comics run. And I don't know about you, but Armand Weygand's somber emotional touches in the writing is a real warm welcome here at THOIA as well. I do hope you're enjoying these as much as me. From the April 1943 issue of Rangers Comics #10, art by Saul Rosen, and the October 1944 issue of Rangers Comics #19, art by Lily Renee.