Friday, March 22, 2019

The Gentlemen of the Jury!

I was asked again recently to help identify another isolated comic book panel that's been making its out of context way 'round the www, and you've probably seen it around too-- a tough talkin' dame putting a book store owner in his place while trying to buy a tome on black magic-- so when people come to me for help (in this case I was actually tagged on facebook), I am of course more than happy to assist. And here it is, the satanically penned Stan Lee script, and Russ Heath illustrated gangster tale (with a supernatural twist) that the perplexing panel in question is from, as originally featured in the April 1953 issue of Adventures into Weird Worlds #17.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Arms of Doom / Kiss of Doom!

Tentacled Tuesday (it rhymes with doomsday!) is here with a double header dose of wiggly, squiggly doom! One from Rudy Palais, and one from Joe Certa-- both from Harvey's Black Cat series! Our first story from the Dec '51 issue of Black Cat #32 almost looks comical at times with those big Mad eyeballs, but Palais, as always, handles the creepies nicely.

And hey, while we're talkin' tentacles, if you need a really good monster movie, I highly recommend checking out GRABBERS! (2012.) Funny and scary-- just like today's posts!

And now for today's sexy, sushi scented sequel, from the February 1953 issue of Black Cat #42.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Mask of the Murderer

Like our last post, todays story is also illustrated by the eerily under appreciated, Al Eadeh, and contains a favorite subject of mine-- MASKS! So if you're planning on killing some time, put the mask on NOW and enjoy this crazy classic from the February 1953 issue of Black Cat #42.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Live Man's Funeral

Though I helped a bit on the Bob Powell's Terror collection, ZOMBIES was actually the very first book I personally assembled for Yoe / IDW back in 2012 (still available HERE!) Those of you who own the book may even remember we featured the complete, original, and incredibly terrifying Al Eadeh inked art pages for today's story within said tome, (courtesy of the collection of Bill Leach.) Well, recently, THOIA friend and follower, Kimberly D (a new fan of the Zombies book too) wrote in asking to see the printed color version from the December 1952 issue of Black Cat #41, and I am of course more than happy to oblige! Here ya go, Kim-- and thanks again to Bryan for the scans-- as this is from the one issue of BC that has still continued to haunt 'n elude me!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Sleepers in the Crypt

One more from Fiction House's uniquely odd Ghost Comics series, (you guys seem to be having a love/hate with these stories, so we'll move on to other stuff in our next post.) But this is a pretty decent tale-- not unlike one of our previous entries about ghosts vs. gangsters-- to round things out on a lazy Sunday morning. From the Spring 1953 issue of Ghost Stories #6. Waaaake up!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Thing That Walked At Night

Here's a weird one for ya, a day late (of course) for Werewolf Wednesday, and from the same issue as our last double header post of stories-- the Winter 1953 issue of Ghost Comics #9-- with wild 'n wooly art by one of Fiction House's most dynamic art duos, Bill Benulis and Jack Abel!

Monday, March 4, 2019

The Devil Seeds / Monster Fang!

We'll stick with Fiction House's freaky Ghost Comics series for a few more rounds, and like our last post, we have another superbly illustrated story (aka The Little Farm of Horrors) from Johnny Bell (aka John Belcastro), highlighted by his beautifully bold line work which, at times, seriously rivals the likes of Nostrand or Davis. Plus, an eerie bonus quickie with art by Jack Abel, both from the Winter 1953 issue of Ghost Comics #9. The incredible cover art is by Maurice Whitman.