Thursday, December 5, 2019

Share My Coffin

Time for yet another tale where someone thinks hiding inside a coffin to break outta jail ever works! No spoiler there, fiends, you know it as well as I! A repeated theme doesn't make it any less fun, and hey, we also have Rudy Palais on art duty as well, so expect lotsa sweat drops, bizarre angles, and gaping, gory bullet holes too! From the September 1951 issue of Witches Tales #5, --plus a weird, quickie one-pager!

For another Harvey tale that asks you to NOT share your crummy coffin, CLICK HERE!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Perfect Hideout! / Preview of Death

The Ziff-Davis Winter 1951 one-shot, Eerie Adventures #1 has some frightfully fun stuff in it. Most notably this 5-page tale of mad science miscalculation and murder which we also featured in Haunted Horror #18 back in 2015. Realizing that I've never posted anything from this issue here at THOIA over the years though, I thought we'd give this one another looksie, and even round it out with a one page quickie (from the same Eerie issue), with a spooky story that borrows just a wee bit from E. F. Benson's classic, The Bus Conductor. "Just room for one inside, sir..."