Saturday, December 9, 2017

Priestess of Baal / Sinister Return

We're still screaming for our mommies with the release of my new book this week, MUMMIES, (IDW / Yoe Books) available everywhere NOW, or order a couple online HERE (and FYI: I have a few extras to spare as well if anyone wants to order one directly from me just send an email) --but seriously, what better way to celebrate the holidays this year than with the colorfully wrapped gift of wrapped, reeking corpses! Now while neither of today's classics made the final edit of the book, both are still pretty great in their own evil ways, starting off with Bob Forgione's strangely sexy "The Priestess of Baal" from the Oct '52 issue of Weird Horror's #3, and followed by an encore presentation of "The Sinister Return of the Priestess of Baal" (no relation to the Forgione story) from the Nov '52 issue of Baffling Mysteries #11, art by Chic Stone. I've also spiced up this post with pix of Lana Turner as the Priestess of Baal from MGM's 1955 film epic, The Prodigal!

Sunday, December 3, 2017


IDW unraveled a new release date for my MUMMIES book, and it's this week-- December 6th in fact! Available in finer shops everywhere this Wednesday, and of course online too (HERE!), this book is a little different in format than the previous larger sized hardcovers in our Chilling Archives series-- it's about the same size dimensionally as a comic book and it's also softcover / square bound, but it's over 120 pages of scary, shambling, mummy shenanigans! Now in today's post, I have a couple of eerie examples of what you can find in said collection: Albert Tyler's "The Mummy's Bride" originally from the July '53 issue of Beware #16, as well as a spooky one-page short from Jay Disbrow called "The Mummy's Hand", first presented in the Sept '53 issue of Ghostly Weird Stories #120 (with both stories appearing here at THOIA for the very first time too!)

So grab yourself a copy of MUMMIES this week and let me know what you think, this is just the first in a new series we're testing called the Classic Monsters of Pre-Code Horror Comics-- and we have LOTS more on the way!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Dugan and the Dummy / If I Breathe... I Die!

We're picking up where we left off last month with two more tales from the May 1953 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #18. And since it's that giving time of the year, I thought I'd do something around here that I haven't done in a long long time and deliver a Double Header December! Yep, two stories every time I post this month-- that's an early xmas present to everyone who continues coming back, commenting, and basically just contributing to this blog in a civil, useful, positive manner. And first up, a super slick Larry Woromay / Matt Fox team-up of terror, followed by a jittery jailbird jolter with awesome art courtesy of our good pal, Hy Fleischman, who coincidentally enough, just turned 90 years young last month-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HY!! 

Lots more on the way-- stay tombed!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Broth Needs Some Body!

Another tasty Thanksgiving leftover straight from the fridge of fright-- just heat with the fires of Hell and serve! It's a fun little dish of toil and trouble from the May 1953 issue of Journey into Unknown Worlds #18, with Tony DiPreta story art and a super Russ Heath cover! *burp! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

What Kind of Ghoul Am I?

After a few months of grueling horrors (and a grueling holiday yesterday), I thought maybe we'd kick back and dip into some lighter spook-fare before jumping back into the gruesome gruel. So if a ride with a va-va-va-voom girl rock group up to a haunted castle full of m-m-m-monsters sounds like fun to you, then by all means, please jump in the van! If not, just come back in a few days for more of the usual. (As a reminder: This blog is called The Horrors of it ALL, so anything even remotely horror tinged is-- and always will be-- fair game.) From the September 1972 issue of Josie & the Pussycats #64, with a super Stan Goldberg cover, and dynamite Dan DeCarlo on the story art!