Friday, October 30, 2009

Bugs Bunny & the Spooky Spook

Todays post is for my son Zander, who went pretty much straight from Elmo to movie monsters without a flinch (how many 5 year olds do you know already obsessed with Christopher Lee's portrayal of Dracula?!) and his recent discovery/understanding of WB cartoons (finally!) was like a revelation to him. Happy Halloween, lil Buddy! (and please keep your hands off my comics!)

From Bugs Bunny's Trick 'N' Treat Halloween Fun #3 (1955)

More pre-code horrors on the way, and don't forget to support your favorite artist in THOIA's DRAW ME 2 Contest, there's only 1 day left to vote! Happy All Hallow's Eve!


Keith said...

So cool. I always loved watching Looney Tunes. I still do if I get the chance. Happy Halloween.

Mykal said...

Karswell: You know I'm loving this stuff! Please tell Zander that he and I share the same (excellent) taste! -- Mykal

Anonymous said...



Chuck Wells said...

Yep, add my name to the roster of folks who understand that Looney Tunes are the best.

prof. grewbeard said...


Uncle Ernie said...

A tasty Halloween treat - my taste for sure.

Ormsby said...

Thanks for posting this, my daughter and I got a kick out of it.

Emby Quinn said...

Yep, another Looney Tuner here. =D I grew up watching Bugs and company and still love them even today. I normally don't like cartoon comics, but this was a real Halloween treat!

Tell the munchkin Emby said BOO! XD

sfdoomed said...

Looney Tunes are amazing and I still love them as....ahem! adult, and rent the DVD collections now and then.

Good holiday trick with the lighthearted horror on Halloween since the rest of the year if full of treats!

jpmorgan said...

Hey wow, a swell old Looney Tunes story with a classic non-PC shotgun routine! And it's great to hear that Zander has discovered these cartoons and Lee's Dracula! Happy Halloween!

prof. grewbeard said...

Happy Halloween, friend!

Karswell said...

Happy Halloween to everyone!

And in just a few short hours we'll find out who won the THOIA Draw Me 2 Contest (REMEMBER: nothing is over until the fat lady swings!) I'll also have the last of the October Witch Files holiday themed pre-code stories for you as well! It's all coming tonight... so come back later after you've defiled a cemetery and/or stocked up on candy!

PS: Boo!

aldiboronti said...

And, very aptly for the season, Christopher Lee was knighted yesterday. Very pleasing, I only wish Peter Cushing had been around to get one too.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a good fright.

Lily Strange said...

That was cute. Sometimes I really need something like that too.

KW said...

i love it!

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