Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vengeance of the Undead

From the August 1951 issue of Web of Mystery #4 creeps this morbid monster mash of murder and mayhem. I guess after the last few days of intelligent Ace originals, this one comes off as merely a crypt kicker o’brainless fun. (Kind of like comparing a classy Hammer film with a balls to the wall El Santo production.) Enjoy!


Kitbuilder’s Magazine Monstrous Weekend

So, unless you’ve been living under a tombstone shaped rock for the last few months, this weekend, October 24th, 25th, and 26th is the first ever horror convention to invade St Louis Missouri. Kitbuilder’s Magazine Monstrous Weekend, featuring George Romero and most of the cast from the original Night of the Living Dead, reuniting here to celebrate the film’s 40th Anniversary. Also on hand: Tom Savini, Adrianne Barbeau, Dee Wallace, Tura Satana, and more! Lots of dealers selling horror collectables, plus live music, movie screenings, model kit and costume contests, artists, etc… it’s gonna be a scream! Click HERE for all the details!

FYI: Karswell and fellow THOIAsters Dr. Phibes, DeSadie Blaze, and Junker 138 will be there schmoozin’ on Saturday. Hope to meet ‘n greet (and eat) some of you too, so drop me a line if you’re going!


prof. grewbeard said...

the comparison to a Santo movie(Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos, oddly enough, springs to mind...)is apt indeed. this story was completely OUTRAGEOUS and i loved every second! they were just making it up as they went along, like a child's make-believe adventure- it took as long to write it as it took to read it, i'll bet. sublime!

looks like a great convention. i've always wanted to meet Tura Satana...

Pierre Fournier said...

Lemme see… The sub-human criminal figures are Frankenstein, Vampire, Werewolf and... Conan?

The lynchmob finish is the scariest thing in the piece.

Horror pariah said...

Yeah i agree with Pierre,the whole story has a mean streak i really dig.

blackwalnut2001 said...

Ghod, what a laugh-out-loud mess. Karswell, you sure know how to balance a week. The last two days were simply first-class -- sad and serious. What a perfect contrast this one makes.

This story is proof that alcohol played a much larger part in 50s comic book composition than is generally supposed.

And the writer was obviously getting progressively drunker, rushing to finish before passing out. The last page just takes the cake, with one jaw-dropper after another.

"Only hanging by a snake-grass..." WHAT???


Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, I have to second Mr. Fournier's point about the terrifying crowd. "I heard rumors that it isn't a dummy at all...!" I'm always impressed when these stories slide right into their own alternate universe--honestly, if the villagers are going to swallow the fact of a rampaging werewolf, why not swallow the further facts of its waxwork genesis? Why not just go slaughter up all of Madam Tussauds' on a tincture of hearsay?

In this way, the terrifying villagers are also stand-ins for the reading audience. Stand-ins for me. Without the shadow of any convincing suspension of my disbelief, under the influence of wilder and lesser-developed anecdote, the plot forces me to throw my hands in the air and assign plausibilities. "Of course," I murmur while reading, "the effects of the black widow venom can only be reversed with snake grass! The dog-intellect of the wolf-man presages the equal subservience of the caveman and the vampire! God, meeting Tura Satana sure would be super cool!"

Okay, so my mind wondered a little during the story.

todd said...

All hail the snake-grass noose! For want of a snake-grass noose, everyone in every other story here might have survived.

That must not have been a real werewolf, by the way, or the boy it killed would have been back for the epilogue.

AndyDecker said...

I have to stock this snake-grass. You never know when the dreaded neandertahl murder strikes again.

Oh boy, Zita really had it coming. If you put in some nudity it would read like the novelisation of an tv-episode of Tales from the Crypt :-)

Great stuff.

fishmorgjp said...

How ya like that, the wolfman actually got the dumb kid! (And the snake-grass bit is news to me. Gotta stock up on the snake-grass, man -- even if you don't get the monsters with it, you just roll a joint and light up! Good stuff, baby!)

Anonymous said...


The Fortress Keeper said...

This story was built on an exceptionally strong foundation of crackpot comic book science.

Great stuff!