Sunday, October 19, 2008

Marvin’s Monster

Pre-code lovers know the name Hy Fleishman for a very good reason; his top notch 50's horror work for infamous titles such as Dark Mysteries and Mysterious Adventures contain some of the absolute best, most visually gruesome stories ever. But what if Hy took a stab at horror parody, you ask? Look no further than right here… the man is an obvious genius in the MAD-esque vein as well.

From the March 1954 issue of Nuts #1

And for another great parody from this issue of Nuts #1, head over to Chuck’s Comic Book Catacombs today and see how A.C. Hollingsworth skewers Dick Tracy!


"Pardon Me… Is My Ectoplasm Showing?"

Tomorrow, Monday the 20th, TCM is still spoopin’ the pook out of you with a great line-up of freaks ‘n creeps: The Ghost Ship (’43), The Seventh Victim (’43), Return of Doctor X (’39), The Mysterious Doctor (’43), The Woman in White (’48), The Haunting (’63), Topper (’37), and Topper Returns (’41.)

Check TCM for more info and show times in your area.

And finally, THOIA reader Kyle Sims reports in with a review of this year's Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween HAUNT!

Knott’s Scary Farms: it’s crowded but it sure is scary! Seeing the traffic and the sign that said it was sold out on every previous night, I knew it was going to be a long and scary night. As soon as you check into the park at 7 PM, which is a long wait to get in (the second line to wait in if you stay at the Knott’s Berry Hotel), you have a number of malevolent characters that greet you once you check in, which is a great sign of things to come and really sets the mood by having screams coming from those who just checked into the park and are waiting for others (victims) as well. In fact, my wife was so busy looking for this pack of ghouls behind us that she did not see the next one dressed in like a ghost all in white who crept up in front of us, and scared her.
There is an eerie feel as you continue on and walk through the Frontiertown, which feels like a ghost town with the Western-looking facades, fog, creepy music, and ominous shadows awaiting you. My wife clutched onto me as I guided us through this area. Once this is passed through there is a regularly playing live action show that imitates Indiana Jones, but with more course language, gore, and laughs than its Disney-based counterpart. The Army of Darkness-esque ghouls even chase the Indiana look-alike to the Benny Hill theme song. The lines are long for the attractions, except for the water-themed Bigfoot Rapids ride, which can get you drenched (I told my wife the opposite, so she would go on it though—her shoes got soaked!). Unlike my family, I recommend going on this one towards the end of your visit so you can get wet without having to stay in the cold. Before and after we got on, there were different people getting sick in the same trash can near a roller coaster, so eat and drink lightly if you plan on riding the coasters.

There was also a long line for the Doll’s House haunted house attraction. I told my wife that this was a ride that she could opt out of at the last second, but she wasn’t buying my explanation after letting her get scared and then wet, so she jumped out of line at the last moment before the line moves right into the haunted house, with the entrance reminiscent of a scene right out of the Saw films, with a giant swinging porcelain baby’s head and ominous techno-music, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, playing in the background. This ride is very much like the best haunted mazes that set up in your town. My wife and her friend were accosted by a chainsaw-wielding maniac while waiting for us, so they had to jump back into the haunted house’s line! Given that they had to either be scared waiting for us or ride scary rides, my wife and her friend opted to go with the latter choice by entering on the free-feet hanging roller coaster the Silver Bullet. If you like being completely disoriented and sickened while on so many of the park’s rides, then this will prove to be your main motivator for riding the rides.

There were so many other rides like the roller coaster Boomerang, the “haunted” log ride, children’s rides modified into scary themes, and others, that we unfortunately missed. This was because we didn’t know what our pumpkin would turn into after midnight, so we had to go (we actually had to pick up out 2 year old son who was tucked in by Snoopy and then viewed a horror flick that he wanted to watch that was playing on the tube—luckily my cousin didn’t know that I didn’t care). However, the park stays open until 2 AM, so you have plenty of time to get scared and ride the attractions. Also, I would imagine that the park thins out the closer you get to closing, so it’s probably better to ride the rides later in the evening, but far cooler to watch people get scared by the monsters that roam the streets of Knott’s Scary Farm. Also, I believe that one can purchase a fast pass that will get you on the rides even faster—if you dare.

Personally, we got the “Bare Bones” package which included one night’s stay (starting at 4 PM with check-out at noon the next day) for about $180. This allows you to stay until closing with plenty of time to rest and get ready if traveling. You also get Knott’s Scary T-Shirts for everybody who stays! Well worth every penny!

Thanks for your time & post your questions to me,
Kyle Sims

For more info on Knott’s Scary Farm in Southern CA click HERE!


AndyDecker said...

This is great! Absolutly mental tale. But it is the details which are so funny. The hairy legs of the Mrs, the drawer with Misc. bodyparts, Mona & Lisa, and a lot of other things.

Some jokes I don´t get, like the "water on the knee", but I guess it must have been funny back then.

Absolutly great stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...



Karswell said...


Well I grew up on those screwball comedies of the 30' and 40's, just as much as the monster flicks, so I'm pretty much into anything old and black and white. I'm probably a bigger film fan than comics fan actually.

>Some jokes I don´t get, like the "water on the knee"

Water on the knee is a general term used to describe excess fluid that accumulates in or around your knee joint... the result of trauma, overuse injuries, or an underlying disease or condition.

---Karswell MD

Anonymous said...

A one eyed private eye, oh man that is sweet! I love all the severed limbs and the hilarious decaptiation on page4. The way Fleishman illustrates rotted flesh is almost as much a signature as his signature. Good stuff, thanks!

goblin said...


The story as well as the art were very Mad-esque indeed, especially with all the funny details hidden in the pictures. The artist's tombstone in the very first panel (the one on the right) had me laughing out loud.

Horror pariah said...

Oh man,that was so crazy it was almost scary!the part with the finger was hilarious(almost painful!),also wasn't that water on the knee joke from a Carl Bark's story?.also,i'm going to Knott's next weekend!hope it's good.

Karswell said...

>also,i'm going to Knott's next weekend!

Have fun HP, I'm sure it'll be a blast. Can you guys believe I lived in LA for 12 years and never once went to Knotts Scary? Went there during the regular season and it was pretty fun, but hell, if I'm driving all the way from LA to Orange for some fun I'm going to The Happiest Place on Earth.

Wish more people had bothered to come around today for our fine and super funny Fleishman tale, I guess it's their loss though. Tomorrow we kick off a full week of great Ace horrors: zombies, ghost pirates, demonic shapeshifters, a whole mess of monsters, and even a couple killer doll tales. Plus, as Halloween approaches I have lots more horror parodies to share with you, cuz as someone pointed out, October 31st is about more than just scares, it's meant to be FUN too!

See ya's in the mourn...

todd said...

Water on the Knee is in Operation from Milton Bradley.

Is this the first Cyclops to feature here at THOIA?

prof. grewbeard said...

dammit Kars! somehow i completely overlooked this one and it's right up my alley! it's a work of genius all right!

"I am thoughtful, no doubt...and meditating about something Thrilling and Adventurous!"

"Tell me, Rip Smirby, do you Inhale?..."

sex999 said...