Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Am A Zombie

Another nicely illustrated story from ACG, with their usual weird spin on our favorite subject here--- the unholy living dead! It’s actually refreshing to find a story like this one that comes from the zombie’s point of view instead of typically the victims or "the hero."

From the Dec 1953 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #50


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! this is my favorite post so far!!!!!your killer bigass scans really show how amazing the detail and line work is

Karswell said...

Thanks! That was the whole point of this blog from the very beginning, to make sure the artwork gets the attention it deserves... and that's really only possible with large, clear scans created with the proper resolution.

FYI: I've also updated all the previous posts so now you can click the highlighted series name and issue number in the post descriptions (as a link) and it will then take you directly to that comic on the GCD page. There you can see the cover of the comic and get more info like additional story titles, artist / writer credits etc... but no complete stories like on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Best."Ghastly" Graham

Anonymous said...

love that you added links back to gcd...... its cool to see the covers and stuff,your blog just keeps better and beter!!!!!!! keep it up!!!

so whats this a ripoff of anyway? if someone says its a rip off then tell us what its ripping ec guy?

Anonymous said...

That was sweet I love the art of the first few pages especially the blood dripping window and the old lady looked like the witch from vault of horror.. Time to watch Night of the demons