Sunday, April 19, 2015

Killer Lady

Here's an encore presentation of one of the more popular stories we featured here long, long ago... and since I'm incredibly busy with some new projects, and we have lots of lovely new followers too, occasionally I'll be dusting off some of these archived entries to remind people of what glorious evils await in our vast vault of no return. Dig around a little-- and you will see!

From the February 1953 issue of Voodoo #6.


Brian Barnes said...

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but one thing I like about this tale is it would be easy to spin it as just a black widow/don't trust women, something you'd see from a lot of in the horror mags of the day.

If you are selling comics to teens, it's a pretty easy "fear" to use -- fear of your growing desires.

But, our "hero" was a narcissistic heel and got what he deserved.

Scout Paget said...

*heh* Oona looks like a therapist I know.I bet this would freak a few clients. HAR

Grant said...

Narcissist, yes, but I don't know about "heel." He loves the idea of marrying a princess (and probably of becoming a kept man), but that's about as bad as he seems to me. And for a man from 20th Century America, he doesn't even choke at the idea of living in a jungle village!
What is odd to me is the harmless look on the face of that "killer" crocodile, a lot like the look on the face of the dinosaur at the start of "Escape To Death."

Mr. Cavin said...

That's gotta be a Fletcher Hanks crocodile. But it's the bat attack--all of page five, really--that is my favorite thing about this story. It's just beautiful, precode jungle girl stuff of the highest, horrorist order. Those "bat feet" are a gas! That creepy, reptilian "bat tail" gives me the heebie-jeebies. In conjunction with the splash page it really sets up the sequel, too. Great stuff to revisit!

Grant said...

Does that mean that any given "scary" reptile with that not-so-scary look on its face is probably drawn by Fletcher Hanks?
If so, that's interesting. (I'm so attached to reptiles that a look like that on a crocodile's face makes a lot of sense to me.)