Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Is THAT Art?

Speaking of Rudy Palais, our best fiend, Forlock the Warlock, (aka Craig Yoe), has a personal exhibit on display at the Society of Illustrators/NYC, called "Is THAT Art?" which features an ultra rare, original, unpublished horror cover by Palais himself from Forelock's very own collection! Get an awesome, up-close look at it-- but don't get too close!! Exhibit runs from now until May 2nd, and also features other original works of art from Harvey Kurtzman, Winsor McCay, Charles Addams, Elzie Segar, Boody Rogers, Steve Ditko, R. Crumb, Matt Baker, John Stanley, Jack Cole, Ed Roth, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and lots, lots more! Click HERE for more info!

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Karswell said...

Man, not a single comment on this awesome Palais piece! Wow. Anyone go to the art show?