Thursday, April 23, 2015


THOIA gives you the finger today with a double encore presentation of precode horror! Both stories have been posted here before, and they will also be featured in HAUNTED HORROR #16 coming to finer comic book establishments next week-- so mark your calendars now! Fingers of Doom is originally from the Oct '53 issue of Dark Mysteries #14art by our good friend Hy Fleishman; and Finger of Guilt is from the Sept '53 issue of Adventures into Darkness #11art by John Celardo. We'll have another petrifying preview (or two) for you coming up next week as well!

The countdown to HAUNTED HORROR #16 is on!!


Grant said...

The only plot hole (that I can think of) in "Fingers of Doom" is that the boss would even think of asking Gus to drive the mixer after the "accident." (Even for a few days, till his next promotion.)

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Ok, I finally got it... "horror comics" is a misleading label. THIS is horror world, the world we live in... with no avenging ghosts who get justice.

Grant said...

I always have mixed feelings about stories like Fingers of Doom, because I don't want Gus to get away with murdering Emma, and yet I feel as if he DESERVES to end up with Jennie.
It's like that Alfred Hitchcock Hour episode, where Henry Jones is married to Kathleen Freeman (playing one of those "battle axe" characters she was so great at playing). You don't really want him to murder her, but if he does, you don't really want him to GET CAUGHT.

Mr. Cavin said...

I know it isn't really underlined in the text, but I think the reason this is a tragedy is because Emma really was recognized in the community for being a witch. It's no accident that she can resurrect her own floating body parts to work her will heavy construction machinery. That she can stop an automobile with the power of her satanic thoughts. That she was able to sucker a babe like Gus into marrying her back in high school. Look--the town even took the necessary--but ultimately ineffective--precaution of tossing her remainders into an unconsecrated hole on the side of the road, within taunting distance of the actual cemetery fence.

Gus' attempt at existential and spiritual escape--leading the godly life with his hot blond underling--was altogether too little lamentably too late. I mean, nice try and all, but I don't think anyone in town was all that surprised to see Emma put the skids on that.

Brian Barnes said...

I think Jennie was the witch. She found an easy mark (Gus), got him to kill for her (for some witch-y reason and it's a short story so it doesn't matter) and then eliminated Gus with Emma's re-animated hands.*

Page 3, panel 1 is a good use of the limited colors of the time.

There's not a lot going on in the quicky, but image of the ghost woman is very striking on page 2, as is the evil face on Neal in page 1. That's some fine art for a 2 pager from Celardo.

* not really, but it's fun to speculate :)