Thursday, August 2, 2012

CCI: The Chilling Horror Comics History of the 1950s

For those that missed it in the flesh, Andy Liegl, contributing editor for Comic Book Resources, gives a wonderful, thoroughly indepth examination of the Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Zombies panel from San Diego Comic Con 2012, which featured yours truly "Karswell" and Creepy Uncle Craigy Yoe-- read about it right HERE!

Thanks again Andy!


Karswell said...

(And thanks to Brian Barnes as well for pointing out the article to me-- Karswell)

Brian Barnes said...

I guess I should say thanks for the thanks, but honestly, you've just outed me as somebody who reads modern comic book news and so is probably a reader of modern comics :)

Congrats (again) on the book, and hopefully the many more to follow it!