Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spawn of the Devil!

THOIA "Flash Forwards" into the 60's and 70's all this week as we wage full-on war against the coming of the holy holiday! It's a wild 'n gory, satanic shocker by Russ Jones and Jerry Grandenetti, and first appeared in the Feb. '75 issue of Tales of Evil #1, (published by the other Atlas Comics, aka Seaboard Periodicals.)

And just ahead: Witches! Exorcisms! Demons! And more SATAN! And possibly even a visit from 'ol Santa Claus himself too... you think I'm joking, don't you?


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prof. grewbeard said...

i almost posted a Grandenetti story, i think it was called "Vampire Happening '69" or something like that, for Halloween this year, still will eventually. such a bizarre style. the whole world is on drugs in his illustrations...

Anonymous said...



Mykal said...

Karswell: I know Grandenetti from his extensive and wonderful work in war comics, where his pencils and inks are often genre-stretching. His co-creator of Gunner and Sarge for DC, Robert Kanigher, remarked often how he loved to experiment with his art. You can really see that in this wonderful post - his work straining at the panels to express horrible things. And succeeding mightily. God, that little girl is scary.

Wonderful post, sir. I can hardly wait for CandleMass Eve. I have a yearly tradition I am really, really looking forward to. – Mykal

Saved and Happy said...

Is Christmas and its season, a time of the year that has been sanctified and made holy by Jesus Christ, or is it a season and day that has been "christianized" by the deception of Satan the Devil?

Christmas does not in any way represent the Christ of the Bible! Christ has not commanded a day or season, to commemorate His birth! The Christ of the Bible does not represent lying to children, parents being disloyal, unfaithful, and deceiving their own children by teaching them to worship a fictitious, Santa Claus idol! But many will cry "but it seems so innocent," and so does the satanical stories of Harry Potter representing wizardry and witchcraft, sins that God in His Word also condemns, II Chron. 33:6, Gal. 5:20! Christ does not command or represent a season to entertain or retain a pagan belief in a mystical, god-like Santa Claus idol, by setting up and decorating an evergreen tree as an alter for the placing of gifts, Jeremiah 10:1-10. Jeremiah in these verses, warns God's people not to learn the ways of the heathen by observing such customs or like customs! The Christ of the Bible does not represent a perpetuating of idolatrous customs of any kind, like that of Christmas, Halloween, or Easter, nor will He live in any confessed believer, or save, or protect any person who has any association with these idolatrous days, II Corinthians 6:14-17.

Karswell said...

>"Vampire Happening '69"

I hope you do post it Prof, I love Grandenetti and would love to see it!


Different a bit yes, Anon, but you can still see his unique linework in there even when applied to this later, more stylized approach... there's nobody like Grandenetti.

>can hardly wait for CandleMass Eve. I have a yearly tradition I am really, really looking forward to.

Me too Mykal, haha!

>or is it a season and day that has been "christianized" by the deception of Satan the Devil?

Yes, Satan did it.

Lots more hits from Hell coming up here at THOIA, just in time to further ruin xmas for everyone (even those who are apparently "saved and happy.")

Anonymous said...

Saved and Happy sure doesn't sound happy to me with all that crazy mumbo jumbo talk. I love when holy rollers pick on popular stuff like Harry Potter, as if applying their sadly outdated ideas into something current makes their failing argument any less ridiculous.

Brilliant post as always Karswell, keep 'em coming!

ajsztehlo said...

Hello Karswell!

I was wondering if you could tell me how you find the information on what the artists and writers were for the Warren Magazines, particularly Creepy, as I am having a hard time doing so.



Karswell said...

One stop for all comic book and comic magazine information, is right here:

sfdoomed said...

Oh boy, the Christians are coming out in full force! First it was the story of the man with the holes in his hands and the pond, now it's "saved and happy". You must be doing something right, Karswell.

This story is just pure madness. The evil glare on the girl's face before she kills her mother is enough to frighten anyone, even someone who is "saved and happy"! I had my cat sitting on my lap while I was reading this tale, but she really didn't appreciate the kitty sacrifice on page four!

As for the Creepy question above, this site will give all the info one can want on that fantastic magazine:

Thanks Karswell!

Kitty LeClaw said...

Bible Bangin' Holy Rollers, now regularly performing LIVE on THOIA! Please be sure to tip your server!

Cindy M said...

I've read Zecharia Sitchin. 'Nuff said.

Oh look! The constellation Auriga in a circle!

Vintage Ad: Play guitar in 7 days! Bruce Lee. Don't consciously remember him. Brandon; Rrrrr! ;-)U.S. Savings Bonds; I remember TV ads for them...I think.

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