Saturday, December 12, 2009

The King of Hades

Way back in Oct. '08, Magic Carpet Burn posted this Farrell classic in its Eerie Publications black and white reprint format. For those unaware, in the 60’s and 70’s Eerie updated (or “re-made”) pre-code 50's horror stories with newer, gorier art... The Professor’s post shows a fairly straight forward duplication with a few additions, but minus of course all the eyeball scorching coloring you get here today from the first and original source, that being the obnoxious as Hell September 1953 issue of Voodoo #11.

Re-printed, re-made, and re-drawn nearly a half dozen times in the years to come (check GCD by clicking HERE for more info about this story) ...and don't forget to click HERE for the first black and white Eerie Pub reprint version posted over at Magic Carpet Burn too!

Vintage AD


Chuck Wells said...

I enjoyed reading this one quite a bit, Karswell.

The black & white version over at Magic Carpet Burn doesn't hold a candle to this one, but those spiffy alternate/mock Doc Savage cover gallery posts that I linked to from that site are definitely the bomb.

Karswell said...

Does anyone else think the 2nd panel on page 7 qualifies as an "oops panel?" Quickly look at the thumbnail before enlarging the page... Satan going down...

Pappy said...

"King of Hades" is classic.

I noticed the Satanic shoeshine/going down panel myself, and wondered if it was unintentional or just more kinky pre-Code inside humor from the artist(s).

I prefer the latter theory because I want the rest of the world to think as I do, all dirty, all the time.

8thRay said...

I love the little devils' individualized faces - they're clearly caricatures of real people, but are they the artist's friends, or people that he considered jerks?

Squa Tront said...

Lol! The alternative reading of that shoe-shine panel might better explain why Johnnie suddenly lost his grip on the trident.

Karswell: Somehow, I completely missed your 'Random Oops! Panel' only noticing it was there recently... same goes with the THOIA theme tune. I really should pay more attention.

Karswell said...

Haha! Well it's good to see I'm not the only one with my mind in the gutter this morning. (I also have another "oops panel" to put up later today too so check back on the sidebar under the other one.) And FYI: we're still not even halfway through Devilcember, so don't you go losing a grip on your tridents either!

Squa Tront said...

Certainly not... None of us want to see "Satan leaping erect with a shrill cry of exhultation", do we?

....I really should stop watching those old 'Carry On' films. :(

Cindy M said...

Yes, Karswell.

So the KoH uses a trident huh? Whatever happened to Sith Lightning? Not sure which one I'd rather be struck by; probably the trident, as Sith Lightning just continues to sizzle and crackle away.

At least that's what Anakin tells me. ;-)

Reversible car seat covers. Cute. Where's the slots for seat belts? No seat belts...

sfdoomed said...

Ca-razy. I love how each guy tosses the dame off their laps when action strikes. What a great story.

You guys have filthy minds! The thumbnail does look funny once Karswell pointed it out, but I enjoy the original idea of having the devil shine his shoes. Having someone shine your shoes is an old fashioned humiliation ("now go get your fuckin' shinebox!" - Goodfellas).

Anonymous said...



Hard to find those blue swim trunks with the tail-hole cut in it...

Loved the eyeball-scorching color.

Thanks. Karswell!

prof. grewbeard said...

oh cool, love this color version! one of my favorite "in Hell" stories...

Turok1952 said...

This was one of my all time favorites. I would have loved to see Johnnie Grotz as a recurring character as an agent of Old Man Hell going back and forth committing acts of nefarious mayhem, always, of course, dealing that mayhem out to those who deserved it.

goblin said...

The story was hysterical; one of the funniest I've ever read on THOIA! However, what set this one apart from others was that the humor in it actually seemed to be intentional.

As always, thanks, Karswell!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anyone fix their walls in this story? So many holes and disrepair...its nice to see an alternative to the politically correct and squeaky clean attitude of so many of todays status quo. These stories (and the older movies from this period) have that gritty feel to them. i miss that. More stories like this plz. Rantin' n Ravin'

Anonymous said...

This is a move I'm going to have to remember when i go to hell.

Karswell said...

>This is a move I'm going to have to remember when i go to hell.

Yes, I'm sure we can all learn a very valuable lesson from Johnnie so as not to make the same foolish mistakes when we all get to Hell too.

There's another bit o' bat shit Iger Shop madness coming up next so don't go away - Hee - Hee - Hee - Ho - Ho - Ho!

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