Friday, November 27, 2009

Voyage of Death / The Spirit of the Leopard

Todays posting of "Voyage of Death" completes the March 1952 issue of Frankenstein #18, (including the filler tale about a leopard girl.) I'll try to get a couple more quality posts up before November is over, but in the meantime get over to The Vault of Horror blog this week and cast your vote in the first annual 2009 "Ms. Horror Blogosphere" contest... doesn't take a genius to know who I voted for, how about showing some love as well?


Mykal said...

Karswell: Great stories, but most interesting was the ad for the swank tie with the clever, glow-in-the-dark-message. Yes, indeed, that would surely put a gal in a receptive mood. Although, thinking it through a bit, I would think the girls willing to step into a dark supply closet with a tie-owner, where the hidden message could be seen, would hardly need a ton more coaxing at that juncture anyway. No wonder they could offer a money back guarantee. – Mykal

Kitty LeClaw said...

Mmm... Leopard Girl filling! Also, looks like paw prints in the water in the final panel of VOYAGE OF DEATH!

Thanks for your vote, Mr. Karswell!!

Anonymous said...


Karswell said...

>most interesting was the ad for the swank tie

I know, I love that ad too!

>looks like paw prints in the water in the final panel of VOYAGE OF DEATH!

Maybe he's actually sinking in a litter box? And voting for you Kitty was a no-brainer. Who else out there hasn't voted yet for KKFBTG?


Haha, no kidding... so much amazing stuff there this week. If you haven't been to Pierres yet for the Boris Karloff Blogathon what are you waiting for?

Trevor M said...

One of the greatest ads in the history of comic books! Count Dante and Charles Atlas have competition! Man, that tie is awesome!

Good stories, too.

I absolutely hate that "funny" Frankenstein comic. Never seen this serious revised version before -- it's pretty darn good! I like all the stories from this issue you've put up, Karswell. Thanks!

Cindy M said...

I don't like this Frankenstein either because:
1. He's not green.
2. No plugs on the neck.
3. No zipper-like scar on the cheek.
4. Lily and Grandpa aren't there. :-p

Cindy M said...

Oh! Oh! And:

5. He doesn't call himself "Frahn-ken-schteen."

Liz D-M said...

Wonder if I can find glow-in-the-dark ties?

Loved the storytelling and the artwork - good stuffs!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karswell and enjoy the funny Briefer Frankenstein as much as the later one. I bought the collection that was reprinted in black and white too and really enjoyed it, but seeing these stories in color makes me wish for another collection containing those.

Karswell said...

>I absolutely hate that "funny" Frankenstein comic.

Well you're going to hate the next post then Trev, my man.

>I don't like this Frankenstein either

Trevor was talking about the earlier cartoony version of Frankenstein by Dick Briefer, Cindy, not this one.

>He's not green.Lily and Grandpa aren't there.

I always imagine Herman more in a grey tone black and white middle ground personally, haha

>Wonder if I can find glow-in-the-dark ties?

Glow-in-the-dark technology has come a long way Liz, I'm sure you could find just about anything now that shines in darkness.

>seeing these stories in color makes me wish for another collection

That would be fab for sure... and I'd like to see the Frankenstein series FULLy reprinted, because as you've seen here over the years even the non-Frankie filler stories are very well done too.

Thanks again for all the great comments! More Briefer coming up next! And don't forget to vote in the Ms Blogger contest over at The Vault of Horror too.

Dai Cann of merrie Manchester said...

I love this blog-may I commend you forthrightly & wholeheartedly on your tireless efforts.