Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Evil Stranger

AYEEEE--YAAAAA! It's another incredibly mean spirited tale from the November 1953 issue of Strange Mysteries #14, and seriously, I challenge anyone to find another post in the THOIA Archive featuring a bitch as cruel as todays "Flame Widow."


HAMMER GLAMOUR by Marcus Hearn

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Highly Recommended! Click HERE for more info!

Thanks to Tom Green at Titan Books for sending me a copy!


Steve said...

That'll teach her to f*ck with John Holmes! The police certainly sporting back then, huh?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that Death enjoys his job. So much chuckling.

Funny how that word ("chuckle," I mean) has gone completely out of fashion.

Chuck Wells said...

Karswell, this is one of my favorite THOIA posts lately. Can't really say why, I just liked the artwork in this story.

Thanks also for the heads up on the Hammer book. I'm penis-envying your receiving such a cool freebie.

Turok1952 said...

I really liked this one especially, too.
The flame widow was a very foxy thaaaang!
And the Eeeyaaahh! Ayeeee! Ohhh eeee! was as good as ever!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Rogueevolent said...

Great story Karswell. So nice of the police to let John deal with the Flame Widow "his own way." Saves wear and tear on the Courts. chuckle

prof. grewbeard said...

women like that really burn me up...

Anonymous said...

Well, she got what was coming to her.

Karswell said...

Too bad they didn't make this into a movie back in the 60's starring Barbara Bouchet in the lead... that would be one hell of a barn burner.

Last story from this issue coming up next, thanks for sticking with us on this one.

Mykal said...

Karswell: Like all others, I loved this story of the Flame Widow. So many cool touches. I really liked the full face close-up of her on page 5, capturing a beauty both erotic and very viscious.

Also loved her sprawled out on her bed on page 6, reading through her husband's insurance policy like a innocent teenager reading a boyfriend's love letter.

"I enjoy hearing them scream as they burn."

OK, you win. None more terrible than the Flame Widow, even in your horrific archives. -- Mykal

Bob Lilly said...

Even Fred Wertham would like this story. I wonder if Ed Wood had a hand in some of the dialogue. Seriously, I enjoyed this comic book story. Your posts are appreciated.

Trevor M said...

Good story. The Flame Widow is a sociopath if ever I saw one in a pre-code comic. Absolutely heartless and cruel -- she's pretty damn scary. The last page throws in some ludicrous plot points, as others have noted, but it was so much fun that I didn't care while I read it. Thanks for posting this one, Karswell.

Mike H said...

Me like Iger Shop boobies! (Not to mention Madeline Smith's on the cover of the Hammer book... which I also highly recommend!

Anonymous said...

holy crap, a new face out of wax and plastic? no wonder she was fooled. great great story, thanks a lot!

Horror pariah said...

Well there's no use spending the money if you aren't going to enjoy it, lady!

Gotta love that dialogue, it's amazingly insane.

Nick Sweet said...

Yvonne Romain was sexy insane!!!

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