Friday, January 9, 2009

Death Kiss

For anyone that thrilled to the "lost" story last Thursday (Tryst with Terror) I’ve got two more mind boggling pre-code fem-bot tales for you, one today and the other on Sunday. I also apologize to you Rudy Palais fans as this is the first story I’ve posted from him in nearly a year (last Palais post: The Crypt of Death, Jan 12th, 2008.) His truly weird, sweaty, drippy style is so wonderfully grotesque and repulsive, but at the same time look how fantastic he illustrates the female form too! Hang onto your lips--- this is a crazy one!

From the May 1953 issue of Horrific #5

COMING UP NEXT: 4 Days of hacked limbs, knives, buckets of blood, more knives, brutal zombie massacre, strangulation, busted bones, (did I mention knives?) it’s the perfect example of Wertham’s SOTI furor-- it’s the jaw dropping 16th issue of Mysterious Adventures in its entirety starting tomorrow!


A spook house double header tonight on TCM Underground! First, The Amityville Horror (’79) starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder, followed by the 1932 Karloff / Laughton classic, The Old Dark House!

Check TCM for more info and show times in your area!


The Fortress Keeper said...

I love love love this story! Makes a good companion to Basil Wolverton's "Robot Woman."

blackwalnut2001 said...

Casper Skeezer of page 1 becomes Casper Skeeter by page 6. But who's watchin'? Just one of those little fun glitches, y'know?

Rudy Palais. Unmistakable. Unparalleled. Dee-mented. Transmogrifies any story, no matter how pedestrian, into squirmy, crawling art. And this story ain't half bad to begin with. Matter of fact, there's a soft spot in my heart for the whole Horrific line.

Just great stuff.

Horror pariah said...

"You're pretty when you're purple!". What the Hell!. Hilariously crazy stuff, Palais really seems to go insane with the art, looking like a cross between Briefer and Tex Avery. I won't be watching either film, since i have both on DVD(bootleg for HOUSE)but both are pretty good(AMITYVILLE obviously being the inferior). I also never noticed how closely Guy Rolfe based his performance in DOLLS after Thesinger in ODH, hell the whole set up is similar. Wonder if Stuart Gordon saw it.

Tenebrous Kate said...

That was so charmingly demented and absolutely *boiling* with weird sexuality--I'd call it subtext but, nay, that was TEXT, baby! Amazing stuff.

Bonus points for panel one in which the deadly robot lady has Bette Davis Eyes (or eye--presumably the other one's just hidden out of frame).

Anonymous said...

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AndyDecker said...

Marvelous. Too many great one-liners to comment. From the chandleresque "funny littlte man in a funny little suit" to the "oral muscles" to the "at least they are emotionally stable".

And the weird art. Crazy stuff.

sfdoomed said...

I loved the hairy knuckled punch to the top of the head! That guy's lucky he didn't break his hand before he got the kiss of a lifetime.

A couple of those Palais figures had me breathing heavier and imagining obscene thoughts. I think I'm in love!

Anonymous said...


Karswell said...

>Makes a good companion to Basil Wolverton's "Robot Woman."

Definitely... of course adding a dash of Basil to anything and you've just made something good even better!

>there's a soft spot in my heart for the whole Horrific line.

Got one of those soft spots in my heart for this series as well. I have lots of Horrific stuff lined up for next month... you just wait!

>like a cross between Briefer and Tex Avery.

I've always thought Palais should have been doing covers for Weird Tales... does anyone know if Rudy still alive? And if not, can we dig him up and examine his brain?

>I'd call it subtext but, nay, that was TEXT, baby!

Yeah, why beat around the bush when there's a sexy robot that can just say it for you. Smothered in love, that's how I wanna go.

>the "oral muscles"

Or, smothered by oral muscles.

>had me breathing heavier and imagining obscene thoughts

Quick, somebody get SFD a doctor! But make sure his name ain't Wertham!


I promise to correctify this oversight immediately.

TOMORROW: The Ice Truck Killer-- 50's Style!


Anonymous said...

love this one

saw it reprinted in black and white somewhere.

Karswell said...

>reprinted in black and white somewhere.

Tales Too Terrible to Tell #3 from New England Comics Press.

Cindy M said...

Wow. And I thought regular "getting old" was bad. Poor her. :-\

Karswell, you're too much. ;-)

Lily Strange said...

Hopefully Dr. Kookenstein (aka Casper Skeezer-Skeeter) isn't the model for the male emotional stability he speaks of.

Anonymous said...

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