Friday, December 19, 2008

Haven of Terror

Here we go with the final story from Journey into Fear #10. I hope everyone enjoyed this issue… but if you came here today hoping for another swig o’ sex ‘n sin overload (like yesterday’s yarn) then you might be just a wee bit disappointed. It’s still a good one though; you definitely can’t beat an axe wielding granny on the loose! AIEEE!

TOMORROW: We kick off another double theme 1.) The start of our Ghost Stories for Christmas Week with seven big days of spooky hauntings, beginning with 2.) tales from Atlas Comics’ Amazing Detective series (the horror stuff, not the crime) all this weekend. Actually, it’s an 8 day ghost fest if you include today’s story so 3.) BONUS!


The Curse of Khar (Revisited)
Carlos Federici drops by THOIA again today with a fine example of what happens to a classic Kubert horror story when it gets revisioned a year later in another St. John comic book. Sayeth Sir Carlos:
“The Curse of Khar”, originally presented in the Nov '52 issue of Strange Terrors #4 and recently posted on your blog (HERE), with a second version, from the Oct '53 one-shot issue of The House of Terror #1 (3-D.) The text is somewhat condensed (less captions and one panel omitted) and also softened in the horror angle by eliminating the bulging eye of the murdered Khar (they must have thought it would be too horrifying in 3-D!)”

Carlos was kind enough to provide the scans above of page 1 and 6 (as well as eliminate the 3D effect so we can compare the two versions without wearing the, uh, haha--- “Super Sight Goggles.”) Thanks again Carlos!


Horror pariah said...

Plot couldn't be more typical if it tried, but the little details like having him wondering if he can afford lodging make it believable. As for the caption on the splash page; i never knew the amazing Kriswell wrote comic book captions.

todd said...

Good advice: if an ax murderer pursues you, shout out and make as much noise as possible, especially if the ax murderer is the only one around.

So, I have been wondering: is there such a thing as a Christmas werewolf, a Christmas vampire, or a Christmas mummy? I would enjoy a story where "Dracula is the reason for the season." Ho, ho, ho.

Anonymous said...

"Plot couldn't be more typical?" I don't know, man. Few plots are this senseless and disjointed. What the hell was with that icy bearded face in the montage panel? This thing was almost as bad as Frank Miller's "The Spirit," but far more charming.

Karswell said...

>I would enjoy a story where "Dracula is the reason for the season."

That kind of goes without saying, but alas I have no real xmas threats this year, (that was last year) just the planned ghost theme I've been yappin' about all week. Check the THOIA archives from Dec 2007 if you want some xmassy horrors ie evil santas, murderous prezzies and all that jazz, but some of it is not precode, mostly silver age Warren tales.

>What the hell was with that icy bearded face in the montage panel?

Maybe it was the chill of the cold grave reaching into his mental subconscious and proving once again how essential it is for someone to wear their ghost fighter hat and mittens when battling the supernatural in your dreams. Okay, that made about as much sense as the story today but also maybe that's the point.

More ghosts coming atchu tomorrow! In fact, they're already here and right behind you!! Eek! And thanks again for one of the wildest (naughtiest) days at THOIA in recent memory, yesterday is definitely one for the books... and for the person who seemed a bit offended, please note that my blog does say "Viewer Discretion is Advised" at the top for a reason. Tah!

Anonymous said...


MANDRA said...
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Emby Quinn said...

for the person who seemed a bit offended, please note that my blog does say "Viewer Discretion is Advised" at the top for a reason.

You tell 'em, Kars!

Though I must say, today's axe-wielding granny was almost refreshing after yesterday's crush-fetish extravaganza. I have more kinks than a pre-Code telephone cord, but crush definitely isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

I like a nice simple ghost story like this, although with all the dismembered bodies featured in a few of the panels I wonder why the sheriff in the last panel says they were hanged for murdering only one of their lodgers?

And I'll be the first to say that I enjoyed the scans from Carlos, and oddly enough admit that I prefer the revised splash here than Kubert's original. But to eliminate the possibilities of a dangling eye in 3D is unforgiveable.

Mr. Cavin said...

"...more kinks than a pre-Code telephone cord...

This is wonderful. My heart is warm again.