Sunday, October 13, 2019

They Never Return

If I ever get the go-ahead to put together another creepy collection of Haunted Love tales, this ghastly gem of morbid mad science (and even madder rotten romance) from the December 1954 issue of Mysterious Adventures #23, is certainly the perfect match made in Hell. Jay Disbrow occasionally signed his named "Jayson", (see the splash), but you won't find this story in our Monster Invasion collection.


Mestiere said...

"Help me kill him, he's the only thing that stands between us!" Dan wanted Rhoma to help him kill the doctor, he didn't want her to kill him herself. Certainly not in front of an audience. Some observations:

• What if Rhoma got life in prison?

• Poor Rhoma had to dig herself out of the ground.

• Decomposition and aging are apparently the same process. Only not. Decomposition is due to bacteria. You have to be alive to get old.

• From panels two and three on page five we learn resurrection will make you bigger, especially in the face.

• Since those resurrected then want to go back to their grave, what happened to the chimp on page one? Did he grow into a gorilla and then buried himself?

Weird story.

Brian Barnes said...

Disbrow does a good job here. Too bad it's buried under tons of needless text.

"Peered into a strange metal container" "clutched the handle" "a chimpanzee emerged weakly from the box." Yes, it's right there in the art! I know I'm a broken record on this sometimes, but come on!

I love the splash, though it's unrelated. I enjoy "old" Rhoma's very robot like drive and super strength, just walking through the door he closed! Now that's a bit scary, a relentless undead lover, and something that pre-code mined a bit.

I'm going to have to remember to use "thus you die!" if I ever murder somebody!

Mr. Cavin said...

I always dig Disbrow's art. That last panel is so great. Perfect Halloween vibe. The mummy cover of Mysterious Adventure #23 is also pretty excellent.

BTX said...

The ultimate in pre code horror.... to go from femme fatale to an old woman with a man face.....

Todd said...

Yuck. I guess this is a happy ending? Sort of?

I think plenty of juries would find that justifiable homicide, after what her boss said to her downtown.

Grant said...

I agree with that last comment. Forget HARASSMENT for a moment - the idea of a boss "punishing" his female employee for looking too flashy sounds a lot spookier.

I've almost never heard of a femme fatale needing to get ANGRY enough to kill someone. But, as with that "punishment" line, you get the feeling that money isn't her only motive, and that Dr. Jonathan and Rhoma have some strange back-story that also works as a motive.