Thursday, July 18, 2019

No Escape from Evil

You escaped the evil ministers of our last post, now can you do the same from the eerie evil living dead? It's another gross and grimy, ugly terror tale as only "Superior" comics could indisputably do 'em, this one from the jolting July 1953 issue of Strange Mysteries #12.

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Glowworm said...

Judge Doom called, Elias. He wants his eyes back!
Grace's face on the last panel of page two is darkly radiant--like something out of a noir film.
Elia's dialogue while he wanders around as the living dead is hilarious.

Brian Barnes said...

Nice coffin bank, I had one of those, I had the book safe, the spy camera, the walking ghost, etc, from the back of comics!

Fun story!

I like zombie Elias. He's so nonchalant about everything, and seems to know the future as he really doesn't go after Grace. The title is weird, though "no escape from evil," as Elias isn't evil, he's just getting his much deserved revenge. You might say Grace can't escape from the evil she did, but the splash seems to say otherwise that Elias is the evil. I'm being nit picky now!

I love some of the interesting background shading. Page 3, panel 2 and Page 6, last two panels are great techniques.

Elias' squishy eyes and caved in head are a nice touch.

JBM said...

YES, on this one the eyes have it. A truly revolting splash. I enjoyed the art. This is a strangely different winner that I am liking a lot. Did not expect that regrettable ending. Thank you Mr. K. for brightening my day with a little dark humor.

JMR777 said...

...and nobody lived happily ever after.
What a yarn, Elias couldn't have looked any more gruesome even id the artist tried.

I guess the lesson here is 'better to be a bird in a gilded cage than a jailbird or a dead duck'.

Mr. Cavin said...

I like the aesthetic theme of messed-up faces here. Everybody gets one! But sometimes it seems like this was drawn by a different artist from panel to panel. Maybe this guy was just being experimental--and I can appreciate that even if it makes the story feel a little uneven to me. I kind of wish the last page and a half hadn't felt padded, though. I like a nice long denouement as much as the next feller, and I like were the story ended up, but maybe the pacing didn't quite keep up with the plot?

Great cover on this one, too!