Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cremation of Evil

Happy 4th of July everyone! And in light of tonight's fiery festivities which are set to ignite in just a few short hours, THOIA has a hot little number by Gene Fawcette to spark your fuses and make your day and night truly explosive! (Okay, who's got a good faucet joke to go with all of this fire talk?) Anyway, have a fun and very safe holiday, and please do not accidentally or intentionally re-enact the splash below at any point tonight! From the Dec - Jan 1951 - '52 issue of Eerie #4.


Darci said...

So being brought back from the dead makes you...cranky.

Brian Barnes said...

"I know, the power of evil, that's the ticket!"

Page 2, panel 5 makes it look like she came back to life with a 5 o'clock shadow. That's the real power of evil!

The art is kind of half and half here -- stuff like the splash and the last page are good, but then other pages and frames have weird camera choices or really strange poses (Page 2, panel 4 is one, Page 4, panel 4 is another.) The yellow tint in the entire thing isn't helping, but the coloring is OK.

I love chucking the phone at the possessed corpse! The ending -- Richard gets in a zinger but honestly, he's responsible for all that death!

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, I love the overheated narration here. The bottomless slime of degradation really would seem the natural home for evil. Beauty really can be the resting place for the talons of depravity. My very soul realizes that now.

I also love the doctor's mohawk and the blithe way Richard is all like, "welp, the cops and the maid are dead and the house in in flames, but at least I killed my wife" there at the end of page seven. Surely a little later--maybe on page eight, at the asylum--he'll realize that he has the authority to command the powers of evil to do his bidding? I mean, this fact seems kind of important, right?

JBM said...

Fun fearsome fireworx for the fourth. Thank you Mr. K. Yes are protagonist was a quite careless kook.

JBM said...

Speaking of careless kooks. See my last entry.