Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Oozing Horror

If you're like me, you probably also use the words "bark-encircled hideout" multiple times daily, so here's a spooky science freak-out that we can all eerily identify (and merge) with, from March 1954 issue of Web of Mystery #23. Ace artwork by the ever reliable, Charles Nicholas.

And speaking of mummy covers...


Brian Barnes said...

I always enjoyed a more "science" (using that term loosely) horror story; more mad science than actual horror it has the same kind of inescapable logic prison which eventually dooms poor Roy.

"Stench Hole?" I'll have to remember that one!

I like the look of the monster. I'm not sure why Roy had to hide from the cops and didn't just plow through them (or keep jumping in and out of their bodies.). Bullets couldn't hurt him, he didn't have a lot to fear.

Page 6/panel 5 was great, I love the look and coloring of it. The art is good, it's workman like and not a lot of stand out panels.

Roy suffered a pretty horrible fate and a lot of it not of his making. I felt sorry for him.

Mestiere said...
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Glowworm said...

While I felt somewhat sorry for Roy at first, his methods became increasingly dickish as the story continued. He didn't have to murder his boss, he could have simply explained that he was trying to improve his own condition.

Some of the lines in this story are hilarious though. I got a kick out of the last panel on page 3 when he's trying to remove himself from the telephone pole. I also laughed at his monologue on page 6 in panel 3. "That's it! Run, you stupid sheep!" I'm dying!

JBM said...

Another great cover! I guess covers sell comics so.... I liked the splash too. Ah, married life in the comics. This one has good plot pacing, even if a bit texty. For me, wonderful art and color on todays post. Thank you Mr. K. for this treat.

JMR777 said...

Roy could have become a superhero with these powers if he hadn't been a jerk and end up killing his wife and boss.

If Roy could pass through any material, why didn't he just pass through the wall of a laboratory and hide in the dead space then work on his cure when the lab workers went home for the night? lack of foresight I guess.

Roy could have avoided all this trouble by just getting a job in a lab and work on his project on his off hours. Oh well, comic book logic strikes again.

Great sci fi horror find Karswell.

JMR777 said...

Follow up, two of the chemicals Roy wanted were not fictional, but were not really chemicals either-

mercurex-The Mercurex process

isoform-any of two or more functionally similar proteins that have a similar but not an identical amino acid sequence

No wonder Roy had a hard time finding a cure.

Guy Callaway said...

Great one! I love Roy being all casual in his suits.
Completely reminds me of the wild HK film 'The Oily Maniac'('76).

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll dig up some more mad science tales for you guys, they are indeed a lot of fun! Stay tombed, and thanks for the comments!

Jasper Bark said...

I'm quite likely to use the term 'bark encircled hideout', particularly if I'm circumnavigating a hideout I'm staking out, and reporting in to my entirely illusory HQ. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this could just as easily have been the origin for super villain entitled the 'Oozing Man', or some such. Not a bad effort all round. Thanks for sharing Mr. Karswell.