Wednesday, December 7, 2016

RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES! / The Dead Remember!

Back in 2012, Craig and I unleashed a horde of flesh eaters upon fans of precode horror collections with ZOMBIES (IDW / Yoe Books, still available HERE!), and now in 2016, we've dug up another plague of undead for you to devour --or be devoured by! RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES! is 140+ pages of the rotten resurrected, shambling at you from the 1950's golden age crypts of gruesome graveyard filth! Featuring ferociously illustrated classics by Matt Baker, George Evans, Lin Streeter, Lee Elias, Warren Kremer, and more-- as well as a Frazetta / Check cover and an introduction by Euro scream queen, Lone Fleming! If that's not enough, we even have a FULL STORY sample by the great Jon Blummer for you today here at THOIA! We hope you'll dig this collection as much as the first one, and if you scream loud enough we might even do another!

Click HERE for more info and to order RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES NOW! (And yes! Each copy comes with a bite taken out of it!)


Mr. Cavin said...

Love this kind of story structure, where there's no real objective beyond showing a bunch of yummy horror. I see it in a lot of precode stories, where it's often somewhat masked by narrative trickery like twist endings and flashbacks and hostly banter. Not here. This was pretty transparent. This script might have read something like:

"Page two, introduce Nazi jerks. Page tree, clandestine meeting down at the ole camp. Page one, and then four through the end, glorious slo-mo zombie revenge from every angle! In all six colors! Fuck you Nazis! The end!"

I rather cheered.

Unknown said...

Yeah ! these old comics are extra !!!! I love zombies, maybe because i am one of them ? Tx

Brian Barnes said...

The last page is a great piece of pre-code zombie work, the second to last panel is especially gruesome!

The nice thing about using Nazis in revenge from the grave story is you don't need to introduce back story; they are Nazis! That's all you need to know, their trail of death and destruction is as well know now (I'd hope) as it was in the post war period of the 50s. They just make good, deserving victims.

Guy Callaway said...

Can't get more straightforward than this - and to great effect.

I liked "Remember the great times whe had on this very spot?" - I reckon he was thinking of the rock quarry where they used to drink beer.

Glowworm said...

Horror stories with Nazi themes are a bit of a glorified fantasy of revenge we can only wish happened in real life in my opinion.
They are rather satisfying to read though.