Monday, June 6, 2016

Whacks' Museum

I still owe you guys some promised stories from Charlton's THE THING series, but now I'm having scanner issues and it will have to be delayed yet again!! Arghhh!! All apologies, folks, they don't call this place THE HORRORS OF IT ALL for nothing! In the meantime, here's a funny old 4-page Bill Everett story I had on hand that I actually donated to another blog years ago, but it never officially found its way back here to THOIA-- until now! Kooky-spooky wax museum shenanigans that originally appeared in the February 1954 issue of Crazy #3, and then apparently slightly updated for the December 1974 issue of Arrgh! #1.


Brian Barnes said...

Thanks, Karswell, I've seen very little of Atlas' Crazy (saw a good bit more of the Marvel B&W version later on.) There's some good stuff in here, I laughed at the Achilles/arrow more than I probably should have.

Everett's great (as always) here -- though I think they went a little too overboard on the density of the background jokes, it makes it a little hard to read. Like a lot of imitations, you take the original and turn it up to 11!

glowworm2 said...

I think I giggled a little too hard at the " Please do not feed the Monsters sign" on Frankenstein's monster.

Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, wow, the updates were really interesting. At first I was pretty impressed that there was a Godzilla mention already in fifty-four, but then of course there was that Barnabas the Vampire joke, and I realized this was the stuff that had been modernized. It became kind of a fun game to locate them. I wonder what those captions read originally? And what was originally there in that "Creepy and Eerie" joke, or what book later became The Ecchorcist? That's not all I found, but I'm sure I also missed a bunch.

I loved the dense Everett art here. He's perfect for this kind of thing. I also love the Maneely cover on the original fifties issue of Crazy (and also the Severin cover on the seventies Arrgh!). All great stuff!

den said...

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