Monday, June 27, 2016

HAUNTED HORROR #22 DOUBLE HEADER: Robot Woman / Chef's Delights

HAUNTED HORROR #22 finally lands in stores this week on Wednesday, June 29th, and it's the first of what will likely not be the last of many a spectacular "guest host" issues. And we are goddamned proud to present Mike "The Howler" Howlett's hosting debut spotlighting a terrifying theme that he is of course the bonafide expert on-- the Eerie Publications and the original 50's precode stories that inspired their 60's / 70's reprints / redraws! Hell, he even wrote some book/s about 'em, see HERE and HERE! Read Mike's intro below to get an idea of what this sickening special issue is all about. Then, to get an even more stomach churning idea, read the crazy stories we've chosen to present to you in their entirety! That's right, while some websites give you one FREE story to check out, THOIA gives you TWO! We'll kick things off with Basil Wolverton's incredible classic, "Robot Woman", followed by a rather gruesome delight that will surely leave you all running for your bloody barf bags!

Bon Appetit!


Mr. Cavin said...

It's feels somehow wrongheaded for me to talk about the art of the other guy in a post that includes Wolverton, but I must. That splash on the second tale--a twist beginning if I've ever seen one--is just absolutely magnificent! As are the rest of the pages, frankly; an excellent example of graphic pre-code work. That cleaver panel is exactly what parents where whining about at the time. I'd wear it as a shirt, for sure.

A pre-code companion to Mike's latest Eerie Pubs book is a super idea for a Haunted Horror Hardcover, too! I'll take the signed and numbered two-volume slipcase, please.

Brian Barnes said...

As before, I always wait to read this in their paper form (as the world was meant to be!) so 'll to use this space to say thank you for all the years of twisting minds and raising juvenile delinquency across the internet (I'm going to go still some 1 cent candy and cigs now.)

Mestiere said...

" ...lands in stores this week on Wednesday, July 29th..." You mean June 29th since July 29th is the end of the world according to this nutty video.

The first story reminded me of Loved to Death from Tales from the Crypt #25 where a guy who wants endless devotion from the woman he likes gets what he wants. It was an episode in the Tales from the Crypt TV show.

That was an ugly and violent second story. It must be set before 1945 because that is when France started its universal health care system.

Grrrrrrrace said...

In the second story, did they censor out "God" in the last panel?