Friday, January 29, 2016

Devil's Due

Is it getting hotter in here? Are you sweating profusely? This can only mean one thing-- another Devil tale at THOIA today! Actually all that sweat can mean another thing-- a Rudy Palais story, though this particular yarn of his isn't as sweaty as most. Long time followers of this blog may also be experiencing a wave of devilish deja vu, as they'll possibly remember that I first posted this cursed classic from the July 1952 issue of Chamber of Chills #10 over half a decade ago. But as part of an unending contract I signed many many moons ago (don't ask), it's now time to take another look at it and raise a little Hell. And yes, unfortunately it will not be featured in DEVIL TALES either, the reason being that we chose to save it for another upcoming book in the IDW / Yoe Book Chilling Archive --more news on that COMING SOON, although I'm sure it's not tough to figure out the subject since it's already been mentioned here in the intro ;)


Mr. Cavin said...

"Pay the paper." Ha.

Magnificent splash! I also dig how the freaky colorist seems to have taken it upon himself to color those patented Palais sweat beads on page two. I guess I've heard of sweating blood, but sheesh.

Brian Barnes said...

It seems, as we see more and more of these stories, the devil seems to be getting less and less of a deal. I'm not even sure what he got out of this one except a chew toy for his dog! He was obviously getting the man's soul anyway (he was already a crook and wanted his enemies dead.)

Page 4, panel 5 is great, the massive sweat, the pie-plate eyes with the images of the dog. I don't know if I've ever seen that in a comic! I also really enjoy the more dapper devil, with top hat and cane.

"I fired a high shoot after the madman..." Uh, did he skip police training?

As everybody is going to mention, the splash is awesome.

The card at the end is understandable -- she's got all naked and Satan tricked her by not having genitals!

Tim Curran said...

I have giant, unsightly globs of sweat rolling down my face as I think of the Rudy Palais book that must be coming sooner or later! Yes...yes...YES!!
What I love about Palais is that his characters are often more grotesque than his monsters.