Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Death Wins the Fall / The Devil's Chamber

My new DEVIL TALES collection from IDW / Yoe Books was originally supposed to be in stores last week, but the date has been pushed back a bit to February 16th now. To celebrate the release, I had a smoldering pile of left-over devil stories (tales NOT featured in the collection) ready to help hellishly hype it all this month-- and obviously we're still going with that plan because today I have a few more! If anyone has a problem with this theme, you can take it up with 'Ol Beelzebub himself! :) "Death Wins the Fall" is from the March 1954 issue of Horrific #10, art by Max Elkin, and "The Devil's Chamber" is a one-page filler tale from the August 1952 issue of Adventures into the Unknown #34, art by Milk Knopf.

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Mestiere said...

Sad to read that Hercules ended up (down?) in Hell. I hope Xena isn't there, too.

One of the few times we see the Devil kill a guy with his own hands. And then the murder—by broken neck—is taken for a suicide. Those are some dumb cops!

Brian Barnes said...

One thing about these "deal with the devil" stories isn't that the mysterious stranger is the devil -- that's always obvious -- but how and when he takes to revealing himself. And this is a good one! Spins behind our poor murdering wrestler, choke holds him, and snaps his neck. The devil WRESTLED HIM! Awesome!

Art is a little wonky in places, but I love the open mouth devil and wrestler on page 3.

Freddy Demon??? Really? And I'm guessing that Freddy is the same character in panel 2. That's a weird one.

The Devil is probably kicking himself for that Devil's Chamber mishap. I don't think he's getting his souls from that one!

Mr. Cavin said...

Excellent! Another story with a number of interesting process tint screens. Not so many Ben Day dots on this one--maybe I'm seeing some on the faces, but it's hard to tell--but plenty of lines. Like I said before, probably on another recent story from the same title, lines were pretty old-fashioned by the fifties. Whoever was doing the process separations for Horrific had a huge bag of tricks. And a work ethic. Far as I can tell, they did two brown passes alone to get that cross-hatched color for Ivan's suit on page two. What a strange little detail to obsess over. And, sure, I'm talking about myself, too.

Love that maniac panel at the bottom of three. Make a great billboard!

Karswell said...

After posting this story I remembered that there's a towering pile of precode horror stories with a boxing theme... so totally weird. Maybe that'll be a good theme to devote some time to in 2016, if you guys are interested?

Thanks for the comments-- Rudy Palais up next