Monday, December 9, 2013

Two for the Money

Some guys have all the luck! And let me tell you, it's definitely NOT the guy in our next story... read along as this poor slob gets every little horrific thing that he totally freakin' deserves. From the October 1954 issue of Mysterious Adventures #22 --and featuring Bill Savage pencils!


Cheswick Stoddard said...

It's kinda hard to take Harvey's claims that all his clients are "rich old bags" seriously, when all the ladies in this comic are drawn in a classic pulp Matt Baker sort of way. (Except Carlotta, but hey, she's got her own hang-ups.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this beats George Romero to the flesh-eating zombie concept by over a decade! (In most horror comics of this era, the flesh-eaters are either called ghouls or cannibals...)

Mestiere said...

I see this comic book preferred machine lettering, like EC Comics. Except for the word enjoy in the introduction. I wonder what word they edited.

The fact that two rich women were immigrating from communist countries would have gotten my attention. How did they manage to bring their wealth with them?

Since both wives were undead, was Harvey Craig also a widower?

It looks like Harvey is going to lose all of his weight!

Brian Barnes said...

So Harvey was a confidence man. Here's an idea -- make a deal with these creatures. You have two beautiful and rich wives, and you use your skills to lure in victims for them.

What would be better for them: having to marry, wait months, than explain what happened to the cops, than marry again? What do they get, a victim every couple years?

Harvey gets two hot wives and all the money he can spend, and just has to lure in overweight suckers, something he's already an expert at.

Awesome zombie (really more a ghoul, though) at the end. Why the writer makes sure to point out "hair hands" shines more into the writer's phobias than true horror!

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, that was a great splash! I really dig the loose, moody art here. I like the story too; especially the first half, which really cashes in on the info we were given in the splash to keep us guessing. Sadly, the only two possible twists were that both women were monsters or that a third woman was going to pop up unexpectedly, so the last half of the story was a bit less clever. But who cares? Now Harvey can become a mummy and the trio can hook up to fight crime monster style.

Karswell said...

I'm all for Monster Teams that fight crime, sign me up!

Loads more left to post here in 2013-- and don't forget to pick up a copy of HAUNTED HORROR #8-- in stores NOW!

Grant said...

I don't know about "Ilka" and "Eva" but since she's from Eastern Europe I guess "Habor" is probably meant to make you think "Gabor."
(In fact, the way she tries to use up a husband actually sounds a little like a Zsa Zsa joke.)