Thursday, April 25, 2013


HAUNTED HORROR #4 is now available at finer comic shops everywhere, (and if you're at C2E2 this weekend grab your copy there!) Overflowing with more glorious reprints of petrifying pre code terror tales from Andru, Esposito, Sekowsky, Elkin, Mastroserio, Katz, and more! Among the stories of deadly harpies, groping ghosts, evil puppets, vicious vegetation, and The Devil, today THOIA has a sampling of a few other things to be found splattered all over said pages-- plus another nice preview can be found HERE thanks to CBR! Get your copy before it sells out!


Trevor M said...

Good story here! Sort of an Orson's War of the Worlds radio broadcast stunt going horribly wrong. I don't know for sure, but it might have been highly original when it was done. I also think it resonates with anybody who ever did any horror media work that they knew their parents would be watching. Perfect ending.

Congrats on the ongoing print comic. And I've always loved that insane nightmare cover -- great pick!

Mestiere said...

Terror on TV!

People were afraid that they would see something horrible on TV and it would turn out to be real. A few years later they saw President Kennedy assassinated on live TV. Prediction fulfilled.

Rider in the Storm

Another example of the Phantom Hitchhiker legend that I mentioned in my comment under this comic. Interesting that the bracelet was enough reason to exhume the body in front of the father.

Goodbye... World!

It's the very first time that I see apocalypse by hags.

Since locusts don't make a sound the writer must have mistaken cicadas for locusts. An since sound doesn't carry in the vacuum of space (an if it did it would take forever to arrive to another planet) it must be a magical song.

"Helen y... You're one of them!"
"Of course, you fool! Don't you think we prepared for this!"
Really? You foresaw that a single couple would be selected to be taken to an Arctic island to repopulate the world and keep the future white, English speaking and inbred? You predicted whom would be selected? That's some hag power!

This might be the most unusual doomsday scenario I have ever read!

Love the stories!

Brian Barnes said...

From the art, it seems the transformation process takes place after a gentle nuzzling.

Again, congrats on the ongoing; not being able to inanely babble on with comments is a minus, but being able to hold it in your hands and read it is a definite pleasure.

As Mesterie said, the stand out story is the Goodbye...World. It's one of those stories that seems to be written by an 8 year old. The locust eat everything, the humans make a poison, but, oh no, the locus call out for the harpies ... on another planet! It's so train of thought and has basically unrelated events colliding together. Those stories are so much fun in their fever dream like qualities.

Operation GutterBall said...

In stores where? I never see these! I want to buy all of them!

Mr. Cavin said...


Well that's... mind-bending.

Haunted Horror should totally have a letters page! (Does it? I haven't bought number three yet, so maybe it does and I don't know it?) If so, then all our classy snark could vie for some of your hard-earned celebrity!

Craftypants Carol said...

cool! i'm gonna see if i can find it today.

Karswell said...

A letters page sounds like a great idea, I'll run it by Craig, err, I mean Forelock.

We appreciate all the positive feedback received so far from everyone about Haunted Horror. If you're a fan of our mag you can also drop us a line at our Facebook page too! And while you're there, share a photo of your creepy selves enjoying HH! Got any gruesome story suggestions for future issues-- let us know too!

Anonymous said...

any way I can get my hands on the first two issues?

Turok1952 said...

Happy Birthday!

dr unknown said...

Yeah a letter page I was thinking the same thing. also a second haunted horror title maybe called Sinister Weird tales or how about ghastly ghostly macabre tales from beyond the devils domain