Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creatures of the Bomb!

"The murderous fury of the crushing hand of doom struck as the creatures rose from the graves below." Eerie Pubs liked this Moe Marcus tale from the February 1953 issue of Witches Tales #17 so much that they gave it a redraw and retitled it as "Doom Creatures" in Terror Tales as well as Strange Galaxy.


DR UNKNOWN said...

I used to own that strange galaxy mag great cover, nice story thanks alot

Mestiere said...

Creatures of the Bomb!, I like that title.

"These monsters... they're like... like moles in human shape... ". No, not really.

I wonder why the creatures bothered to learn English if they were not going to negotiate.

I guess the mole men could be seen as a metaphor for the underclass. When they become too numerous they'll rise to destroy us all!

The mole men of this story were surely "inspired" in the ones from the movie Superman and the Mole Men from 1951. In that movie the mole men turned everything they touched phosphorescent, with the implication that they were radioactive. That movie was shot on a studio backlot over 12 days.

I wonder about the wisdom of causing radioactive monsters to explode on the streets.

"The Earth is free... free... But there will be more atomic explosions and then... what new creatures will be released? I mustn't think of that... I mustn't.. I mustn't...!!!" That's the American way, Dr. Lucas. When there is a serious problem we just don't think about it!

Entertaining read!

Mr. Cavin said...

Certainly, since the key to destroying these monsters was the super realistic atomic science of their introduction, the next atomic monsters to be introduced in the same way should be just as easily dealt with, right? Maybe we can even come up with something more practical than spears?

I love this! I love it when there are so many awesome covers to look at (though the Witches Tales cover by Lee Elias is still the best, eye em oh). I also love the last panel on page four. That art's so great it deserves better dialog. I can't understand why the same writer who gave us "... A SHATTERED MASS OF FETID FLESH -- A RUIN OF HORROR AND LOATHING!!..." couldn't come up with some better raving bugeyed scientist lines there.

Brian Barnes said...

These were the most considerate evil creatures of all time. They are going to destroy us, but just so no more like these creatures come through. It's downright pleasant of them!

I always had one problem with these "small groups of indestructible creatures." How fast do they move? Just keep getting people out of the way! Once they pass through, move back in! The destruction will suck, but you can also start building a giant concrete wall, of increasing thickness, around them.

We always make fun of the colorist, but kudos to this one, he actually takes time to make sure the drool shows! Drool was always a draw for getting a story into an Eerie pub!

(Speaking of that, Mykal, I know you are out there. Bloody Pulp needs to live again!)

Karswell said...

If Mykal has indeed retired, maybe I'll start posting more Eerie Pub stuff, if that's what everybody wants... I kind of backed off cuz he was doing a better job of the black and whites at Bloody Pulp than I could ever do.

Thanks for the comments, more monster action up next!