Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Surely You're Joking, Dr. Wertham!" / Doomed

Experience a night of Seduction of the Innocent, Wednesday March 20th at 7pm, when the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in NY hosts "Surely You're Joking, Dr. Wertham!", (click for more details) featuring a distinguished panel of comic book professionals, including Paul Levitz, David Hajdu, Craig Yoe, Sharon Packer, and Danny Fingerhoth, as they discuss the recent SOTI related findings of Professor Carol F. Tilley. Discover how Wertham changed the comic book industry and consider what it might have been like without him! And in the meantime, get a gory gander of what SOTI was all about with these six wild 'n wicked, encore presentation pages of head hacking, Iger Shop horror-- from the May / June 1954 issue of Voodoo #15!


Mestiere said...

Devil's Island penal colony was actually closed the year before the publication of this story. This is one of those cases where real life is more horrible than fiction. There really was a guillotine on Devil's Island penal colony, and the heads really were preserved in jars of alcohol, but not for personal collections but to be sent back to Paris as proof of execution. Of 80,000 prisoners maybe three percent survived the inhumane treatment and made it back to France.

The French also imposed the guillotine on their colonies, like this guillotine used in Vietnam with this result.

The explanation for the executioner's visions was a little contrived. But I rather liked the story.

Brian Barnes said...

Now this is an interesting take you don't see much. Yes, it's scooby-doo-ish, but usually that means our hero figures out the trick and saves the day.

Here it's just a means to an end and pulls together a cute little tale of murders all feeding upon themselves.

Lot of great facial expressions in this one, and relatively tasteful execute scenes (is there such a thing?) As Gaines always said, we could have shown the stump and blood dripping off of it!

Keir said...

Don't know why they all had to talk as if they were speaking their second language. I visited the guillotine in Hanoi a couple of years ago.

Mr. Cavin said...

Aw, I love this goofy romp. Honestly, I'm okay with these Scooby-Dootails so long as they add to the horror instead of subtracting. The idea of someone reaching into the pickled head water, holding the heads by the hair while lovingly slathering them with glow, and then hanging them up like trailer park lanterns--this is way better than vengeful spirits. That's storytelling elan right there.

Anyway, in honor of the glorious history, here's my comment from November, 2008:

"I love the way the dogs hated and distrusted the severed heads. That was a nice, realistic touch. Dogs are always so noble and territorial. And they can't f*ckin' stand severed heads."

Karswell said...

Haha, sometimes draggin' out the old THOIA comments is just as fun as draggin' out the old stories I've already posted. I think we'll take a look at some more Iger Shop insanity before the month is out, sound good?

ALSO! If anyone attends the Wertham discussion in NY please drop us a line about it, and send photos!