Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rain, The Deadly Rain!

Seemed like everyone had such a great time with that last full Fawcett Publications issue, I thought, what the heck, how about another? In fact, how about the freaky February 1953 issue of Strange Stories from Another World #5? We've already got "Vampire's Daughter" in the can (click HERE for it), and today things get extra soggy and saturated with our first of two stories concerning vengeful Earth elements (we'll see what fire has to say in our next post!)


Brian Barnes said...

"Today we call those people who paint their entire doll-sized house bright purple victims of superstition! BUT ARE THEY?"

Somebody call an editor for page 4. I've been reading comics over 3 decades and even I don't get the flow on that page, even using the red arrows! Nobody should have to figure out panel order by context.

Mr. Cavin said...

"Don't worry, she's not hurt. She just took a nap when the tree crushed her head..."

I have to admit, I was a little surprised about the weirdo paneling on page four, too. I mean, the little red arrows were pretty helpful; but the creators sure were adamant about cramming everything else up just to fit in a little extra unnecessary yellow exposition. The end made up for everything though--A-plus for the melting man here!--and it was stone awesome to see the stalled motorists actually be the deus ex machina for once.

Karswell said...

"There's a liiiiight, up ahead at Oliver Rudd's place..."

Mestiere said...

This one was pretty gruesome. The rain god took his time punishing this poor guy, decades.

Interesting that the god needs his eyes back to be able to talk.

bzak said...


Nice to see a colorist who takes his title seriously. "They call me a colorist, so, I'll give them as many colors as is humanly possible. Damn the idea of mood or content!!"


JMR777 said...

It was kind of neat on page five where the skull/skeleton was wearing what looked like rain gear (a rain slick?) and had an umbrella. I didn't know skulls/skeletons don't like to get wet.
Could Oliver Rudd be considered the first victm of acid rain?

JMR777 said...

Maybe the rain god wanted Oliver to really suffer all through his life by causing his radio to only play rain themed songs (Raindrops keep falling on my head, Purple Rain, rain on me, listen to the rythm of the falling rain, here comes the rain again, laughter in the rain, its raining men, stormy weather, riders of the storm, etc over and over again)
That really would be a rain of terror.

Karswell said...

*queues Reign in Blood*