Monday, September 17, 2012

Hatchet Man / Insane / Night People

THOIA heads off for a much needed vacation (and we're taking the color with us), but we leave you with a beheading black and white Eugene Hughes triple feature! We're not exactly sure where "The Hatchet Man" and "The Night People" originated, (though both were reprinted decades later in Ghoul Tales as well as the Tales too Terrible to Tell series), while "Insane" was originally presented in the July 1954 issue of Weird Chills #1 --rounded out with some saucy vintage ads I've been meaning to use forever. See ya in one week!


Doug Brunell said...

Enjoy the vacation. I need one.

Rob said...

I don't know about the US versions but I long suspected the UK Stanley/Gilmor reprint titles may have had some pre-code stories that weren't used in the 50's (because of the ban probably). Still not certain though.

Keir said...

Ringo! What a name!

Brian Barnes said...

I've been all over town and there isn't a single newsstand that offers either The Farmer's Daughter or Blackout! Especially not at 10 cents!

I like all these stories, they have a very EC-filtered through Atlas feel to them.

For a genre well know for drawing beautiful woman, Insane, page 1, panel 2 is just comically inept. You can tell there was a bit of rushing, as there is some obviously fine work next to some quick and dirty work. Hatchet Man Page 1, between panel 1 and 3 is like night and day!

Kars: Have fun! I'm sure your vacation is visiting a musty tomb in another dimension :)

Mr. Cavin said...

The Hatchet Man: I really loved that last panel. Sure, it's got four creepshows' worth of cakeheads all over it, but the best part is that the word balloon seems to indicate that head number one is singing the punchline. Maybe Ringo's throwing his voice? That's just insult to injury, man.

Insane: I'll bet this one looks really interesting in color (depending on how far out the colorist was willing to take the last couple of panels). I'm also impressed with the boyfriend's gift for cos-play. Sure, "hamburg-wearing psychologist" was pretty great, but it's his Indiana Jones costume that really pops.

Night People: and now you see why every precinct keeps an up-to-date farmer's almanac on hand. Never know when the Black Lagoon is going to spit out another werecreech. Probably woulda got the Zodiac Killer if they'd just known when the damn eclipses were.

Have a great vacation, Karswell!

Frank Forte said...

really nice to see some black and white art.

Anonymous said...

when on vacation or anytime beware..... the night people. They can be anywhere and will appear anytime. The night people are everywhere...Beware The Night People are coming to a theatre near you!