Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Constant Eye

The April 1952 issue of This Magazine is Haunted #4 is one heck of a comic... for example, way back in May 2008 I posted the mind-melting Bob Powell nightmare-o-rama "The Blind, The Doomed, and the Dead!" (click HERE for it!) I'm not exactly sure why I waited 3 years to post this epic 12-page terror tale of a vengeful eyeball from the same issue-- and with gruesomely fun art possibly by the great Bernard Baily to boot, I do believe that it's time to unleash "The Constant Eye!" 


Keir said...

After getting poked severely in the eye by my kid yesterday, I wake up totally sympathetic to the eye in the cover.

Anonymous said...

Great story! Just 3 comments: 1. That eye in the title panel looks like it needs the world's biggiest bottle of eye drops!. Is the guide's (the one who first finds the body accent supposed to be French-canadian; because is looks and (to my "ear" ) more Mexican to me! 3. About the costume party scene and the one with the woman on the street; *especially in the more uptight 1950's*; I would personally try to find out of my partner had these sorts of at least transvestite urges before I went into business with him*! :)


P.S. Karswell; I've been meaning to ask for some time: *Where do you find these stories? Are you a collector*?


Trevor M said...

Dear DBurch7670,

Karswell doesn't collect comics, he collects blog readers who collect comics. I've heard that he's got a cellar full of former THOIA readers, each taxidermied in repose on top of their collections.

Dear Karswell,

Haven't been here for awhile, but then I come back and the first story you post is this one. Outstanding 1950's comic book horror. So many good moments and crazy twists. Love how the corpse bums a smoke and how the eye stays open in the coffin. I still remember that first story from this issue you posted. A hell of a comic. Hell of a comic.

Thank you for posting it!

Eric Stott said...

DaMM but that one was GOOD!

Odyzeus! said...

That's Bernie Baily all right. No question.

Anonymous said...

An epic horror story.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That there "Constant Eye" makes for an eye-catching thumbnail!!

Lisa said...

Like the anonymous commenter above, I, too, was confused by Mack's shapely, woman form at the party and on the street corner. He looks pretty stringy in the first few panels, pre-death! But who am I to question the supernatural. Really enjoyed this one... especially the death-in-cement ending. What a topper! Off to read "The Blind, The Doomed, and the Dead!" now, much thanks as always.

Mr. Karswell said...

Hey thanks for all the comments on this one... I've been working hard on some other projects so I apologize for the lack of personal comments from myself, but you will all be happier for it when you see what's on the burner and coming up in the next few months.

I will say though that yes, I am a collector of comics, and everything you see here at THOIA (and at my other blog) are all scanned from my personal collection unless otherwise noted. If anyone has any requests or ideas, just drop me a line sometime. Thanks!