Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Garcon / The Silly Sorceress

It's a day early, but we're still serving up this horrifically silly, holiday Double "Eature" for Thanksgiving 2019 anyway, and boy oh boy, it definitely doesn't get much more so than these two doofy dishes! First up, an encore presentation of the totally insane, The Garcon, (which originally appeared here at THOIA way back in 2008), and from the March 1954 issue of Weird Mysteries #9. It racked up over a dozen comments back in the day and I thought it time to reheat it once more for those of you that might have missed it-- or even for those of you that require seconds! Followed by a cute lil turkey huntin', pilgrim in pretty peril, tale of the stupernatural, from the Winter 1954 - '55 issue of Phantom Lady #5. Happy holiday everyone, and as always-- remember to eat irresponsibly!


Dr. Theda said...

the first story is one we have enjoyed for years...
a pleasant Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mr. Karswell

JMR777 said...

Could these stories be the making of a new book from Yoe Books - Macabre Meals, Dreadful Dishes, Gruesome Ghoulash?

Two horror helpings with a cyanide chaser to wash it down, thanks Karswell!

Brian Barnes said...

I certainly recognize that second tale, I swiped a page of it for a comedy rewrite!

I really like Garcon, and had to check back to see if I was commenting back then so I don't end up saying the exact opposite now! The art is very cartoonish but it works really well with the cartoonish story, especially how far removed from reality it is. I was suckered by the ending, I thought they'd eat the waiter or it would be a more standard ending where the restaurant was run by ghouls, etc.

I actually really like the couple -- they start out arguing but it seems like they are actually two fun loving kooks. Emphasis on kooks.

Page 2, panel 5 is great, and page 4, panel 1 + 2 are also great.

Grant said...

In spite of the scalping jokes and the word Redskins a single time, I think it would be reaching to complain about the Indians in The Silly Sorceress, especially since they definitely aren't any goofier than the white characters.

Bill the Butcher said...

This reminds me of a writing group I used to belong to on the now defunct blogging platform multiply dot com, also called The Horror Of It All and abbreviated to THOIA. Half the writing the members came up with was deliberately or accidentally funny. The accident ones were usually very funny.

I don't recall any where the protagonists ate themselves, though.

Mr. Cavin said...

I had to go back and look, but the same thing occurred to me rereading The Garcon tonight as apparently turned my head that first time so long ago: Both panels of the witch narrator are just excellent. Well drafted, moodily lit, just the right amount of color misregistration... Seriously, that last panel of the story, cranked up to six hundred percent, is my pick for the next THOIA tee.

The rest of the story is just as I remember it: A hoot. I definitely like the jovial fifties sitcom vibe. This would have made an excellent Creepshow short.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

TheHolderOfTales said...

Wow, I thought the second story would have it turn out that they're in Hell, but no...they just went insane from bad restaurant service?

You know, I think I can relate to that.