Thursday, August 8, 2019

No Escape!

We're still wandering around inside the August 1952 issue of Suspense #21, and while there actually is "NO ESCAPE!" here, there also isn't any until the final story-- uhhh what??? --yep, two more to go, (I've decided to do another full issue presentation!) --and my oh my, none of these tales in this stellar issue will have you screaming "deja vu!" more than this one either! Okay, this is definitely the goofiest intro I've ever written...derrrr...


Brian Barnes said...

Some of this art looks like Ditko -- kind of! I mean, not really, but it reminds me of him. I can't really place why.

Yup, this is an old saw that's been used in a number of stories. I do like the Atlas pacing here -- the continued repeated panels, almost on every page. By number, you might think it's too much but it works well to build up the suspense.

I love the annoying skeletons. Skeletons are jerks!

Coloring is again, very interesting. It sticks to darker, muddy colors until we hit the desert and suddenly it's all bright reds and yellows, separated by a couple panels of inky blackness. It really helps hit you with how hot and dangerous it is. It's a great transition, all done by coloring.

JBM said...

Wonderful stuff here! The unanchored unrealness. The harsh starkness or is it the stark harshness of it all. I thank you Mr.K. for posting. And there might be a little Ditko in some of the faces.

Mestiere said...

"Butch got the dead jailer's keys..." I would have wanted to see that. The jailer looked pretty far away from the bars when he got shot.

"...a blasted desert! Nuttin' but sand!" Butch didn't know there was a desert near. That means he was an immigrant from the East. Nice touch. Many Eastern criminals escape West even now. Most serial killers in Portland, Oregon, for example, have been from out of town.

Notice that the rising sun on panel four, page three, is behind Butch, meaning he is going west. But in the las four panels of the same page the setting sun is now at his back. He is turning back east and doesn't know it. A subtle, clever way of showing how lost he is.

In real life a highly motivated criminal would have been able to tear off that dead hand, I think. But Butch might have been too weak from thirst to do it.

Entertaining story.

Mestiere said...

Looking at panel four, page three again the footprints indicate Butch was going east the whole time. It's that in silhouette it was difficult to tell where he was facing.

Mr. Cavin said...

Any story with singing dancing skeletons is fine by me. It's like an Atlas Silly Symphony short feature.