Thursday, October 11, 2018

Call for Luther Kane

A spooky, 4 page quickie, penciled and inked by Myron Fass, keeps the rotted ball rollin' as we summon yet another drearily departed entry from the July '53 issue of Uncanny Tales #10.


JBM said...

Call for Phillip Morraaarrrgh!

Brian Barnes said...

Fass did a really nice job on this quickie! Again, I know I'm at odds with other commentators, and while I get the artistic reason, I am not a fan of the limited color palette in the coloring. This one works a bit better (as it's supposed to be in the dark) but it's also a scene lit by candles, it's a shame not not use the yellow as highlighting.

Fass does a great job with the shadows.

Regardless, the art is great, the ending is predictable but our hero is irremediable and it's fun to watch him get his fate. A perfect little tale for a 4 pager.

Mestiere said...
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JMR777 said...

The yellow pall of the medium's face was really well done, it would not have been out of place in a paperback cover of some horror anthology.

On page two upper right panel, he looks more like a devil than a medium. Had it been ol Scratch himself as the medium this tale would have taken a different turn, perhaps by the devil having his customers signing a contract to contact the dead only to become deceased themselves.

Thanks for the post, Karswell.

Glowworm said...

The funny part is that I've recently read this entire issue of Uncanny Tales. I believe you just need to post "The Mark of Death" and this little issue will be complete. (Except for the written tale, but those usually interest me the least truth be told)

This one is simple, short and effective. I love how the medium is the only character in this story who doesn't have a name--yet he's the main character. His name is hardly necessary though as by the end of the story, the ghost seeking justice makes sure his name is Dead.

I also love how the medium keeps insisting that his client has broken the spell and that he has great talent, and the client keeps dissing him and calling his bluff.

Mr. Cavin said...

Look at Myron Fass working the CrafTint Doubletone art boards! It's a gimmick I like, and it adds a little extra in art as socked-in as Myron's typically is. I mean, look at that splash panel! Every part with mechanical crosshatching was painted over twice with liquid developer. I'd be surprised if the original pages didn't dry all wavy.

Grant said...

The "Philip Experiment" showed up in at least one paranormal documentary. I don't know its name, but it's one of those mid-' 70's ones that used to play on late night TV all the time.

anthrax2525 said...

Hey, you're not Phillip Morris!

(I know, it wasn't very good...)