Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Curse of the Flying Dutchman

It's awesome enough to get one Lou Cameron story in a single issue-- but getting TWO feels like discovering buried treasure! And this one is indeed a doozy as well, though not as bat shit crazy as the tattoo tale in our last post, but it sure does have its moments-- including one particularly painful panel that might make you wince, as well as a superbly spooky ending.

From the April 1952 issue of Mysterious Adventures #7.


Mestiere said...
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Mr. Karswell said...

Seems pretty clear to me, nobody escapes from their past.

Glowworm said...

"Let her go, you fugitive from a graveyard!" That made me laugh.
You got to love how Harry flat out kills The evil Captain by stabbing him through the eye and out the ear. What a way to go!
Also, that ending--it's basically what we expected to happen in the beginning of the story, better late than never.

Mr. Cavin said...

I really like the way first mate Harry looks in that last panel. Cameron sure gives good revenant--and the salty, seafarin' dead have always been some of my absolute faves.

Guy Callaway said...

This is a decent little chiller, though it could just be in comparison to the previous tattoo madness!
The knife through the eye was very cool and not too horrible, as he was a (horndog) zombie/ghost-thing anyhoo.
"Come back..or I'll get you if I have to return from the grave!" - Really hope I have a chance to say this one day.

Brian Barnes said...

This story got to me, I was concerned that our "hero" wouldn't be getting his due; but he got worse! He struggled and escaped one ship, only to return to his for the same fate. That's got to be more horrible, to be given a glimpse of escape and then have it taken away.

Though I'm not really sure why the fiance had to suffer the same fate. She didn't seem involved (other than being taken along) in the original abandonment.

Good art from Cameron, though again it looks like it was inked with a fat tipped permanent marker!

This is a pretty weird one. It's part revenge story, part ghost story, and part heroic pirate adventure, complete with ripping down the sails on a knife (I dare anybody to try that, I doubt it's going to work.)

Grant said...

I heard in a silent film documentary that even Douglas Fairbanks Sr. didn't do that for real, and look at the kind of athlete HE was supposed to be.

Maybe i'm being technical, but I can't help wondering just how much betraying Tom is really doing at the start of the story. That lifeboat is awfully small, so it's hard to imagine it helping many of the others. Maybe his real sin is refusing to go down with his ship, period.

gerard said...

Excellent post.Really enjoyed it.