Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The IDW / Yoe Books horror continues this week, as we see the release of two terrors in stores on 8/17-- HAUNTED HORROR #23, as well as Mike Howlett's sssssensational new entry in the Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, SNAKES TALES (click HERE for more info.) Seriously, what could possibly go better with tales of monsters and the supernatural, than a hardcover collection of precode coiled creeps?!! And as always, THOIA has a double doozy dose of FULL STORY preview action for you from each: "Help Us to Die!" originally appeared in the October 1953 issue of Eerie #13, while the Bernie Krigstein classic, "The Fangs of Death" first appeared in the February 1954 issue of Nightmare #11. Slither on over to your favorite comic shop tomorrow and get a stranglehold on both releases, you surely won't want to miss out-- so strike fast!!!


Mr. Cavin said...

Just laying around in bed, stroking the ol' cobra. Queen cobra, that is.

Two excellent stories today. Love the clean, Caniff-style inking in the last few pages on the snake story--and I see there was some confusion as to the identity of the artist back in the day. I remember the first time I read this story I stole page five, panel four to use as the home screen on my Blackberry. My, how times have changed! Today, I'm stealing page tow, panel five of the first story for my Samsung Galaxy, instead.

I love the cover to the latest issue of Haunted Horror. One of the best yet.

Brian Barnes said...

I'm running out of ways to say "I'll be reading this on my paper copy so no comment!"

Congratulations for reaching #23!

Grant said...

That story really sends you "mixed messages" about white jungle explorers. He shoots a mongoose, but he does it to rescue a snake!

TheHolderOfTales said...

"Hey, let's take the immortality elixir we got from the withered, desiccated walking corpse! Nothing can go wrong there!"