Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In stores today-- yes, TWO issues of classic golden age horror reprints from IDW / Yoe Books (Valentine's issues too, sorry they're a bit late!) --and THE HORRORS OF IT ALL has a full story preview from each, so get 'em both for you and your dearly departed loved ones! FYI: HAUNTED LOVE #1 is the first in a 3 part misery-serious (giggle), aka ***FIRST ISSUE ALERT!!!***


Mestiere said...

What a pervy first story, graphically showing the crush fetish.

In the second story the Ice King gets shot in the heart—the only part of his body that is alive—and gets killed. He is even melted into a puddle. But in the last panel we are told that his heart is still alive. Then how come he was stopped when he got shot? I guess the same way the immortal Snow Maiden is killed on page two by being covered in snow.

Mr. Cavin said...

I think Lorna needs to take a closer look at that spell book. I suspect it's really a hymnal. You know, I've read this story here three times now, and I love it every time. I think I just figured it out. It must have something to do with the multi-colored worms in that last panel, which looks for all the world like she's getting attacked by concession stand candy. I couldn't possibly love that more.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

"I'll spit on them!" ... Indeed! :D

Brian Barnes said...

That first story is Fetish central, not just for the crush fetish but the giant woman fetish and a sub-genre of the submissive fetish. They always say that fetishes are triggered by something you saw when you were young, and I bet this story manufactured a lot of those!

It also contains that favorite bit for pre-code man-hating women -- they just haven't found the right man yet.

The worms with the heads surrounding her on that one panel is a great panel!

The second story: Gil, what an ass! Which kind of pulls these stories together, Lorna hates men, but Gil gives women a good reason to hate men!

Grant said...

Speaking of preoccupations, "Crawling Evil" is also MISSING one. I've almost never seen so many close-ups of a little old lady character's chin without the story giving her a beard! Not seeing that can be rare enough OUTSIDE a horror story, let alone IN a horror story where she's a witch! (And it's one of those clich├ęs I've never been fond of, so I even notice when it ISN'T there.)

Grant said...

Along with being a very good one in general, "The Snow Maiden" has a nice "Pygmalion" quality to it (even though Gil didn't actually create her, it still has a lot of the same idea).
It also reminds me of a pulp story I read only once, called "The Seeds From Outside" by Edmond Hamilton. It's a sort of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" forerunner, about an amateur scientist who finds two seeds that fell with a meteorite, and they grow into a man and woman, which leads to a love triangle and a sad ending.