Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Evil Intruder

Since announcing our new HAUNTED LOVE mini-series debuting this Feb 2016 (IDW / Yoe Books), I've been swamped with emails from HAUNTED HORROR and WEIRD LOVE fans from all over. The biggest concern seems to be coming from the horror fans (of course) that aren't into romance comics, and I'm here to assure you fiends that while HAUNTED LOVE walks the wicked fine line between both titles, it's definitely way more on the horror side than the romance! The stories are being picked by Mr. Karswell himself after all-- so don't get your burial panties in a bunch! Okay, do we need an example of the type of hairy-scary story you'll find within each issue? Here's a good 'n goofy one from the March '53 issue of Journey into Fear #12, and seriously, if this one doesn't get you in the mood for some extra haunted, whacked-out weird lovin'-- then nothing will!


Grant said...

This is an absolutely bizarre one.
And even John is given an unpleasant side for some reason - "Perhaps an animal in pain. Forget it."

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Why, I should make those guys pay royalties to me for turning my sentimental life into a comic book.

And how about slaying innocent animals? What are these babblings 'bout a Sodo(r)m Blade? what did those human writers smoke? We never had such a thing here in Kulgak. :)

Seriously, Mr. Karswell, this may well be the coolest comic you picked up.

Brian Barnes said...

This one's pretty icky -- and I'll be the one to go there -- the monster kills the boyfriend and then tricks the woman into a relationship (quick as it is) -- there's really no vengeance or anybody really deserving of their fate -- things just happen.

I highly doubt the authors thought about any of this (especially at the time.) That said, it makes a fine story, and that should be the point of horror stories, to get under your skin, to scare you, to make you feel icky.

More icky: The monster's kissable lips :)

Side note: Nobody use "enough to dance on your grave" as a pick-up line!

Mestiere said...

In British English the "r" in Sodorm would've been silent!

"Gently, Lucy kisses her husband's murderer".

Yes, this was definitely more on the horror side than the romance.

Too bad that the Truggs seem to have showned up too late to save Lucy. The villain, "It", was truly evil. He ripped the doctor's throat out for no reason since he was leaving the house anyway, and killed Lucy because he "loved her". One of the more messed up characters we've seen here. Good story!

The concept of monsters masquerading as your loved ones through hypnotic suggestion is one of the more effective horror tropes. One of the better examples is the Ray Bradbury story Mars is Heaven! where Martians trick some austronauts into believing they have found their dead relatives alive and well on Mars.

JMR777 said...

SLURBP...YAAGOGZPF! BZYPLPUHNK! They must have been randomly hitting the keys on the typewriter to come up with those unusual words.

I'll tell you how much I love you...Enough to Dance on your grave! Enough to split your pretty skull! Enough to burn you at the stake!
(All these quotes can be found on Al Bundy's Valentine to Peg)

I wonder where they came up with the horrible face of the monster, maybe it was a characterization of their boss or former teacher.

This was a wild, crazy but great story Karswell!

Mr. Cavin said...

Good lord, this was totally wonderful. This might be the most effective fifties horror comic I've ever read. It's just so adult, just so nihilistic, and it just gets worse the more I dwell on it. The hairy, curvy, almost jovial artwork might actually dip its toes a tad over that line into glorious bad taste, juxtaposed against such a predatory narrative of murder and implied rape. My eyes are wide, my jaw is dropped. This is excellent, vital, harrowing stuff.

Todd said...

Hey! Easily the most screwed up thing I've read in a long time. "Love" indeed.

Tim Whitcher said...

It's only human love but I like it, like it, yes I do!