Tuesday, August 18, 2015

COMPLETE VOODOO VOL. 1 / Gallow's Curse

Coming in October 2015, (and just in time for Halloween too!), Howlin' Mike Howlett returns to IDW / Yoe Books in a terrifying tag team-up with Uncle Craig for the first in an ongoing series of sickening full-run, pre-code horror collections! Complete Voodoo Volume One has all the lurid, pulpy gore and good girl art that anyone could ever (or never) hope to ask for! These infamous Iger Shop classics have been covered extensively here at THOIA over the years, so you know you're in for an awesome series of books! Today I've included a crazy puppet story from the January 1954 issue of Voodoo #13, (don't forget to check our previous post as well!) and click HERE for more info on this upcoming Chilling Archives of Horror Collection, and to pre-order your copy NOW!


Grant said...

This one was even darker than I imagined it would be. I thought at least the daughter would escape, and maybe even poor Antonio.
This is one of those horror stories about gypsies that can't really be accused of slandering them. Not only does Antonio let loose the curse ACCIDENTALLY, but he tries to warn everyone about it afterwards. And look what happens to him for doing that.

BTX said...

The amorality of these pre code tales is pretty astonishing when you honk about it.

Grant said...

All joking aside, I almost expected the puppet to have a letch for the daughter, and plan to somehow make THAT part of his revenge. That's such a tradition with ventriloquists' dummies - making them act that way toward women in the audience and so on. So somehow it didn't seem far-fetched.

Brian Barnes said...

This is just a great piece of work. The tale itself is rather pedestrian, but it seems to go out of it's way to present an ending where nearly everybody pays in one way or another, including innocent bystanders, and isn't that always the way with the world?

The tales where some wacky couple destroy some vampire that has lived on for hundreds of years are really the naive stories. This -- that's just life.

And it's more horrible for it!

Mr. Cavin said...

Love that last page, with three whole panels of people dictating their own slow, torturous death by immolation. I kind of want to alter the dialog and slip copies into airplane seat backs.

"Gaaaaa--I'm burning alive! Yaaaaaaa--"

"Oxygen masks have dropped from the overhead compartments! I must first help the children--Gasp--the bags may not fully inflate!"

(This is marvelous news about the Complete Voodoo reprint series, by the way. I can't wait to get my hands on that stuff. Are the collected volumes going to include all the ads and other extra stuff like the Harvey reprint series did? Those extras are part of the pure gold, after all....)

Mestiere said...

It's like Chucky before Chucky, a doll animated by the soul of a criminal. See how gleefully the Canio puppet twists the fingers of Antonio's wife, stomps on her face, blinds the magistrate and, on panel six, page five, apparently sexually molests his daughter (check out his hands)! Just a nasty, mean-spirited tale. I liked it!

Grant said...

Antonio at the end of the story is a great example of "No good deed unpunished."