Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Unbeliever / Let's Go Mad

Finishing up our full-issue examination of Adventures into Darkness #13 from March 1954... and we come full circle too with another moody, Tothy tale from Sekowsky and Peppe, --man, I love the silhouette work on this one! Hope everyone enjoyed this week of scans, check the last handful of posts for the rest of the issue (which included all of the fun bonus filler pages and even the text story.)

Up next we have a request, and it requires an eerie visit to the Twilight Zone! See ya in a few...


Mestiere said...

I like the art, but the story is as random and arbitrary as they come.

This is the first time I see a character killed by a stake hurled at the heart. Dr. Ames had an unusual skill.

There's a lot of BS in that last page. Somebody really did go mad.

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

A decent variation on the Marie Laveau clichè.
I have noticed that the last three stories have one thing in common: they go "straight to the point". I mean there are no diversions in the narrative line, no subplots or no doubts about who the bad guy is, and of course no twist ending (all of which I usually like in a horror comic). It's like a Lt. Columbo episode, you know everything in advance. I love when I can say "Oh my god, she is the witch!" (or the vampire?).
Dr. Ames is definitely better than Rachel van Helsing.

Brian Barnes said...

It's like scratchy Toth! I really like the art and I especially like the crazy pose the witch has in the splash. Who would really ever stand that way?

I can see the witch wanting to live forever, but I just don't see a lot of benefit from being a witch. You live alone, you're powers are all based on potions and you can't protect yourself from a simple projectile.

So 170,141....727 is the largest number in the world? I think they might have been going for PRIME number there. ...728 is certainly larger!

Mr. Cavin said...

The witch has to stand like that, there are lit candles all over the floor. And she's wearing a dress fer cryin' out loud. You smell burning hair?

Love this art to pieces. I might have hoped for a coloring job that wasn't just phoned in, but it's still pretty solid.

Now back to staring at that dot....

Karswell said...

There's a few more Peppe stories in the THOIA archive, search his name or Toth's for more... and there's seriously a ton of Sekowsky archived here, if you're just getting into him then take a look at the mad line-up of genius work we've displayed here over the years by him-- just keyword their names in the search engine at the top left of this blog!

Thanks for the comments!!